Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Elevator Obsession

Dawson loves elevators. He knows his way around the hospital. He knows that "B" goes to McDonalds, "1" has a cool ball maze thing to watch in the lobby, "2" goes to the car and Sibling Play, "3" goes to the Ronald McDonald House in the hospital, "5" is the PICU where Tyler sometimes is, he sometimes asks about 5 still. Then there's "8", where Tyler is. He talks to the floors like they are people. "Hi 3! How ya doin?" "Bye 3! See ya later!". He knows how to hold his arm on the door to keep it open for longer. He does this for people if there's a few who need to get on or off. Thanks to the elevator, he can now count backwards from 8. He even did it when we were in our room, very slowly, but he got them all in the right order! He knows that it makes a slight motor noise when the elevator takes off and a little beep when it passes each floor. When we got back home to the apartment he really started obsessing. He's so used to elevators all through the day! He pretended to push a button on his bunk bed, waited for the elevator, said "open door", got onto his ladder, made the whirring motor noise and said "2!" when he got up to the top. So his top bunk is officially the 2nd floor now. :)  He makes the motor noise and the beeps when climbing the stairs to our 2nd floor apartment too. His cars and trains went "upstairs" onto the couch earlier. His whole day was all about elevators!

Gabriel is doing good, he's becoming more entertained on his own lately. I put him under his toy bar and he watched that for longer than I expected. We were able to get quite a few things in before he fussed. Today I went through his clothes since his sleepers are getting too small. He's 7 weeks and I've only had an outfit on him once! Otherwise it's always been sleepers. I guess I just want to keep him my little baby for longer! I got out the 3-6 month clothes and I even went through them and took out a bunch that I just don't want. I have a stuffed bin full of each size and I even had a bin and a diaper box of that size, so some needed to go! Feels good to downsize a bit, especially since some of that stuff I never used anyway. Most was just given to me, so it's being donated to the MOPS garage sale.

Here's some pics from the last week or so. I was just holding Gabriel up so he could be in the pic with Tyler
 Dawson was playing with a little slinky they got in the mail
 He thought the slinky was pretty fun, it kept him occupied for quite a while
 All 3 boys! Dawson with his slinky, Tyler and Gabriel watching Thomas the Train.
Thank goodness for cartoons. I really don't know how I could get him to sit still for a while otherwise!
 Pedialyte juice box! Tyler is only accepting straws now. Sippies are too slow to deliver or something. I got him a straw sippy today, so hopefully he'll like that. The nurses wanted something that would give him more freedom to have different drink choices.
 Gabriel, 6 weeks
 Tyler in the ICU. He had quite a few bruises because his platelets were low and needed a transfusion.
 He always looks so small in that room full of wires and machines.
 Sleeping in the PICU. He was excited to see his phone toy and fish crib toy, but he got tired pretty quickly.
 Gabriel with "Sully" from Monster's Inc. He's at the Ronald McDonald House. Dan was holding Gabriel up there.
 Tyler, just after coming back upstairs. He has a little open sore on his cheek from the oxygen. He has very sensitive skin. The tape makes his skin break down pretty bad. He has many small open sores on his chest from dressing changes.
 After a couple days he was sitting up a little on his own and even smiling! He was watching Cars here
 It's so nice to see a happy face!

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