Friday, May 20, 2011

Problems at the Park

I saw that there was a Mom's Club playdate at the park yesterday, so I thought it would be nice to see them again and give Dawson some fresh air. He hasn't been able to play outside much. So we got some errands run and went to the park. He went to go play and I sat down to nurse Gabriel. It wasn't 2 minutes later and Dawson was wandering off. He's usually good about playing on playgrounds. So I stopped feeding Gabriel and went to find Dawson, who had gone behind a building. Brought him back and got him interested in a big slide. Sat down to feed Gabriel again and a couple minutes later Dawson was wandering off again! Thankfully Gabriel didn't mind all the starting and stopping! So I strapped Dawson into the stroller so Gabriel could get enough to eat. Another member said she could help keep an eye on him if we head over to the other playground (there's 2 at this park), so we went over there for a while. Dawson seems to like that one better. He was playing and I was chatting with some other moms when someone came up and asked who's kid that is with the blue airplane shirt. Crap, that would be mine! She was all upset, saying he's throwing sand up into the air. As we walked over there I apologized and told her he's mildly Autistic and doesn't understand that it's not ok. She said she doesn't care, he needs to stop that. So I went over and talked to him, but he kept on doing it, so I put him in a time out in the stroller for a time out. That usually works. When I let him back to play, it wasn't 2 minutes before he was at it again. So we repeated the time out and he was all agreeable about not throwing sand. I even showed him what I was talking about, but I really think he just didn't understand what the big deal was, he's just playing. He likes watching the sand fall to the ground. Usually we don't go to busy parks, so it's not an issue. After he went back to play he chose a different spot to go throw sand, which got another child who thankfully had a more understanding mother, but I decided it was time to go anyway! So I left, with a kicking and screaming child in the front of the stroller. He's also discovered that he can put his feet down on the wheels so I have trouble pushing the stroller. He can't in the back, but that's the only place I can put the baby. Gabriel was being held by another mom in our group. Thankfully moms love babies, so it's not hard to get someone to keep Gabriel occupied while I deal with Dawson.

Gabriel is getting so big! I just got out the 3-6 month clothes. It was an emotional thing, finding some outfits that Tyler was in when he was diagnosed. I can't believe Gabriel is almost there. I realized the other day that when Tyler gets his transplant, Gabriel will most likely be the same age Tyler was when he was diagnosed. Along with getting out new clothes, I went through and got rid of the things I just don't put them in anyway. I've gotten clothes from a few people and some of it is stained, old or just not our thing. We aren't into sports, so I tend to not put them in that stuff. Which stinks because it seems that half the things they make for boys are sports related!

We unloaded the last load of household stuff last night! I have so much to unpack and arrange now. It's tough when Gabriel isn't always content to just lay around and I don't have the swing, bouncy seat or anything for him here! It's all at RMH. That would be so helpful to have! Thankfully he seems content laying under his toy bar sometimes, so I try to make use of naps and those times where he's content.

Dawson has been keeping himself entertained with the sinks the last couple days. He loves playing in the sink at the hospital and he suddenly wants to do it here too. Thankfully he doesn't make too big of a mess, so I just give him some bath toys and let him play in the sink. He got his shirt a little wet today and came to me for a new one. He's currently watching his little portable dvd player since the tv isn't hooked up yet. He even plugged it in himself. I'm not sure if I like that or not! Dan said he caught Dawson trying to stick other things in the outlet the other day. Thank goodness for outlet plugs!

It feels so weird to be here, I'm pretty anxious to get back to Tyler. It's interesting how our "normal" is now being at the hospital! I actually feel a bit out of place here. I'm sure enjoying the view though, I love that we're looking out at nature instead of a parking lot. :)

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