Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dawson's First Movie

I signed up to see Cars 2 through HopeKids. I thought it would be the perfect first movie for Dawson to see. He loves the first one. I thought maybe he would get antsy, bounce from seat to seat, but he'd at least be interested. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. He wanted to leave before it even started. He kept saying "go down to 1", we were on the 2nd floor. He had some popcorn, so he did eat that, standing up facing the back of the theater. He'd look for a short time and then turn back again, insisting we go. I thought once the movie started, our troubles would be over. As the movie picked up, he got more and more antsy and was just not having it. He started repeating "go down to 1" over and over pretty fast. Nothing would snap him out of it. Then Gabriel started crying, people were turning around to see what was going on. So I just got up and took Gabriel, Dawson and the diaper bag out of there. Dawson was better as soon as we were on the move and seemed even more relaxed once we were out in the lobby.

I was greeted by 4 other moms who were in the lobby with their small impatient children also, so I didn't feel quite so bad. I changed Gabriel and chatted with the other moms until the movie got out. Dawson wanted to play arcade games. He didn't understand that in the real world (outside the hospital and RMH), those things actually cost money and don't just play when you hit the start button!

Dawson just spent several days at Grandma's house, which I thought would be a treat for him. Apparently it was also a tough thing for him. Though he had a good time, he was having a hard time being away from us. He kept obsessing about Tyler, wanting to watch videos of Tyler over and over and then throwing a fit when it was time to stop and do something else. He woke up a few hours earlier than normal and was having a hard time going to sleep. He kept saying "Tyler scared. Tyler sick. Go see Tyler". I feel so bad that he's so worried about Tyler.

Dawson liked seeing Tyler today. He ignored him for a while, but this evening when he had really settled back in, Dawson, Tyler and I snuggled up in the rocker and they were both loving it. It's so cute seeing them smiling at eachother. It's obvious that Dawson feels most comfortable at the hospital. Even at home, he wants to see Tyler, he obsesses about elevators. It has become a regular part of life again and he seems happiest when he's with us, no matter where that might be.

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woodstockmomoftwo said...

Hugs about the movie. I am glad Dawson loves Tyler so much. Dawson is adorable. Great family photo.