Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve, Children's Museum

Dawson was beyond excited when I told him we were going to the Children's Museum. This was decided the day before, after days of being cooped up and having nothing to do. For all our sanity, we needed out of the house! He asked me about 30 times on the way there if we are going to the Children's Museum. He had to make sure that was still where we were headed. We got there and it was priceless. When we went there for the HopeKids event 2 weeks ago, we only had an hour to play, and it was so rushed. This time they got to take their time, play with more things and really enjoy themselves more.

The boys playing the iPad before bed. I love how they get cuddly and play together in the evenings. Dawson has been doing so much better with social interactions lately. Observing him in the Children's Museum was so great. He respected other kid's boundries, shared toys, didn't get upset or anything. Such a huge change from even last year!
 Gabriel liked the My-Size-Castle
 They have a paper facory set up. Of course Dawson likes anything that spins!
 Water! Gabriel actually played in the water this time, and was quite excited about it.
 Plus there were balls, so that's a bonus.
 Daddy and Dawson playing at the older kids table. They have some neat set ups.
 Gabriel exploring the ant tunnels
 Dawson holding still for a picture. He actually walked in the halls and waited for us. Stood in lines. Especially the fear of danger and being lost is a tough one, and he still has no fear of either, but his obedience is better, so that helps a lot!
 A favorite toy.
 A huge ball! There were some way bigger than him too. He was excited.
 Dawson likes sitting in the catch bucket for the roller coaster ball set up. They all come right to him, plus he has a great view of them going down the coaster. He was handing the balls out to kids who came to get theirs back too.
 Gabriel checking out what Dawson was up to. They traded spots for a while.
 Watching balls go around, like the coin donation things. Very amusing.
 Gabriel was a little ham all day. Until the end when he had completely worn himself out and couldn't do anymore. :)
 These stairs are small, so he was happy to be able to walk down them himself. Something he's been trying hard to do lately.
 Another one of Dawson's favorites. I asked him what his favorite room was, the water, balls or ant tunnels and he said "all are favorites, mom!" Then promptly asked if we can go back tomorrow. He happily settled with the idea of going to Grandma's house. Whew!
 I asked for a happy face, and I got one. Goofy boy.
 Lots of balls going down at once. Surprisingly, he was very cooperative when leaving all the rooms. I guess the excitement of what's ahead kept him interested, but it's a big sign of mature development when they leave the "now" for what's maybe ahead. Something he really hasn't done much, especially with things this exciting.
 Gabriel was a bit taken back by the idea of this wobbly bridge, but he kept going across until he was doing it confidently. I love his determination and patience!
Gabriel has been talking so much! We got home and he was babbling non-stop. Some of it was comprehendable, other stuff was not, but he was sure talking about something. I'm glad he had lots of fun today too! He's been saying new words every day. He's been loving his new toys and has been doing a lot of pretend play, which is so neat! Dawson doesn't even have interest in that yet, which is common for Autistic kids. It's just so weird seeing such a little guy doing these things. His horses drive cars and busses, they go in buildings, fences, along the couch, in the Christmas tree, and everywhere. I'm excited to see the playsets get played with, and I love that he keeps himself so entertained! Excited to see what the New Year will hold for them both. :)

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