Saturday, December 27, 2008

Falls, Fears and Silly Routines

Dawson took a pretty good fall tonight. He often bumps his head on things and barely thinks anything of it, but this one looks like it hurts! He was running and fell, falling on the edge of our glider rocker on the wooden seat part. He's got a 4 inch colorful blue/purple line on the top of his head now. Poor little guy. :(

He seems more fearful lately, I hear toddlers around this age start questioning more. He used to just be afraid of the vacuum and blender. Now he doesn't like baths, new changes in his room, like curtains. We didn't get sleep for days because of that one! He finally had a good bath this last time, I'm hoping it'll continue.

One of the biggest things is me taking a shower. He completely has a fit, crying like he's scared of it. I've showed it to him, let him come in and I talk to him, but nothing helps. He cries and screams like I'm gonna melt and go down the drain! So we try to have Dan feed him while I'm showering or something so he's distracted. Having some music on really helps too.

The funniest thing is when I get out of the shower, he looks relieved to see me alive and follows me to the bedroom. We have a whole routine now. He "helps" with my pants and makes sure my feet pop out at the end. Then he comes up on the bed and takes off my hair towel. Then I brush my hair and he has a turn brushing it. He thinks it's pretty cool.

He has a thing with brushes and combs now. He often brings me mine and wants me to comb his hair. There really isn't anything to comb, but I do it anyway. He'll stand there smiling as long as I'm willing to keep combing!

Tomorrow we're going to our friend Jenny's house for a Christmas party. Should be fun! Dawson really likes her Siberian Husky. She's an indoor dog and fairly tolerant with him. The cat, however, sees Dawson and runs for safety. I guess she likes her tail too much!

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