Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December Update!

Sorry, I've been bad at keeping up with this lately! The time has been flying by and nothing major has happened.

The pregnancy is still going good, I have 2 appointments in January, then I go in every week in February. He has a name, but we're not telling! It's a big relief to have a name this time though, doesn't feel like there's much left to do other than setting up the bassinet mid February and having the baby! I'm hoping the next 2 months will go quickly, I'm getting more sore and it's getting harder to keep up with Dawson as I get bigger. I'm very ready for winter to get over with, I always get so cooped up and bored in the winter!

Dawson is testing his limits and trying our patience more and more lately. He'll look at us out of the corner of his eye as he gets into things, fully knowing he shouldn't be! He's been very active and runs all over the place. We go to the mall to play once a week, it's nice to get his energy out and he can see some other kids.

I just signed him up for ECFE class for 12-18 month olds. It's once a week, he starts Jan 8th and it goes until May 14th. Should be lots of fun and it'll be good for him to get out and interact with other people.

He's starting to get some hair too! I really can't imagine him with a full head of hair, but he's got some wispy stuff on the top of his head, it's cute. He insists on me combing it, then he combs it himself, it's really cute. I was thinking before that he'd have my darker hair, but it seems lighter like Dan's so far. It's fun looking to see what he got from who. :)

Dan is doing good, he has off wed-sat this week, that'll be really nice. It's been snowing a lot here, so he's been busy clearing the snow and keeping the cars going. He has to move them out of the lot every time they plow, which is never at a good time with his schedule. They usually want them out by 8 or 10am. He just does it after work and brings them back when he gets up the next day. It's a lot of work to run the block back to the apartment 3 times after already spending 10 hours at work! I did my car once but I was sore for 3 days afterward, so he insists on doing them all now.

This weekend he worked on the living room. He took apart the big entertainment center and just kept 1 tower for now, for the vcr, dvd player and all that stuff. The tv is on a temporary stand until we can get one. It works for now, it looks a lot bigger and brighter in here, which is what we were going for. We still have to put together the cabinet we bought for the movies and cds. It has doors on it, so we don't have to worry about Dawson getting into them anymore. The entertainment center was starting to look pretty funny, the bottom half was empty and the top half was packed full of stuff. I should've taken a picture for a good laugh. Seems like everything moves up as they get taller!

I haven't been able to take any pics lately, my camera isn't working properly. It takes a charge, but dies about 4 hours later. I've brought it to Best Buy 3 times now. The first time they sent it in and replaced something. Still didn't work. The 2nd time they sent it in and they did nothing to it! They said nothing was wrong! I'm getting frustrated! The 3rd time I brought it in, they said to keep it and just keep charging and using it for Christmas, since it works a little and they wouldn't have it back before Christmas. So I'm doing that. I hope someone will figure it out after Christmas!

Here's Dawson on Dec 18th. I was testing out my camera and he had to come over and be a part of it!

I don't think this looks very comfortable! I had an appointment to go to, so he slept with Dan while I was gone since he woke up right when I was about to leave. He often sleeps like this, I don't get it! Usually it's on his tummy in his crib, but in our bed he always sprawls out like this. I think he just likes all the space!

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