Sunday, September 20, 2009

Being at Home Pics and a Funny Bathtime Story

They have new options here now, I can upload pics from my photobucket account, which is a lot faster! You can also click on any pic to see the full size version. Here's some pics of the boys the past couple weeks.

Tyler loves standing! He can stand holding onto something for a couple minutes at a time.

This is Tyler with my friend's baby. Her baby is 3 weeks old, he makes Tyler look huge!! 
Tyler loves eating his toes now. Can't believe how chubby his legs are!

Dawson and Tyler in the laundry basket. Dawson doesn't like Tyler on his lap, so he was kicking Tyler, which is why they both look unhappy! Tyler liked sitting in there though, especially when Daddy came over.

Napping at the same time, a rare thing! They both still love having playtime in Tyler's crib. It's a nice way to get something done quick, they are both contained and happy. :)

Here's the boys coming home from the hospital. I turned Dawson back around rear facing. He doesn't mind it at all and he fits just fine. I figure since we'll be doing a lot of freeway driving, it's safer that way. Plus they recommend rear facing until the limits of the carseat, and he isn't there yet. In some states it's already a law! Also, this way they can both watch the DVD player, which really saves me on longer trips!!

A bathtime story!
I was getting Tyler ready for his bath. First I undressed him and swaddled him in this blanket so he wouldn't pull at his tubes.
Then I coiled his tubes and put plastic wrap over them, with mecical tape on the edges. While I did this, the bath water was running.

I go into the bathroom to turn off the water and this is what I found!

So they both got a bath. Tyler loved it! He was kicking his feet, splashing and laughing. It was so cute!

Dawson wanted back in after I took him out! Poor Tyler had a rash where the tape was after I took it off though. His skin is so sensitive. We had to change diaper brands to Pampers, and even those make him a little red. Not really sure what to do about that, they are the softest diapers out there!

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