Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Words and Abilities

Both boys are growing so fast! Dawson says a few new words. He says "yeah", "wee" when going down a slide, "up", "no" though I've only heard that one once. I think there's a couple others, but I'm not thinking of them yet. He's also climbing more and getting into more things. He likes to take all the towels out of the closet and pile them onto himself. He also likes to tear all the keys off my laptop, so I have to be more careful with that now.

Tyler is talking now too! His first word was "mum", followed by "dada", "mama", and I think I heard him say "hi" a couple times too. He babbles a lot, you'd think he was telling a story. He's getting the right person when he says mama and dada too. Dan came home tonight and he was saying dada a lot. Then Dan sat down with him and he was just babbling to him, with an occasional dada thrown in there. It was so cute! Tyler can also scoot backwards, though he's quite upset about it since he wants to go forward. He can sit without holding himself up with his hands. Today he sat up by himself for a good 10 minutes or so. He can also sit himself up when he's laying at a slant, like in his carseat, his muscles are getting so strong! He can stand holding onto something for a few minutes and he can take steps when I hold onto him.

Playtime in Tyler's crib

Dawson climbing to reach VCR

Dawson's favorite spot, door in my computer desk

Dawson still likes to get in all of Tyler's things. He wasn't so happy about how this turned out though.

Trying to get a new pic of the 3 of us.

It's not easy!!

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