Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dawson at the Hospital

It's been a while, I can't access this blog from the hospital and we haven't been home much lately. I've had Dawson with me at the hospital for a while now and it's definitely been a challenge. He's so bored, he bangs on the door, tries to escape when the nurse comes in. He pulls the emergency cord in the bathroom and pushes the nurse call light button a lot. Some nurses get very annoyed, some just think he's cute and they understand. He doesn't have many toys to play with, he can't go to Sibling Play anymore or even leave the room because of the new Infection Control rules. It's miserable. I feel bad that he can't run and play like a normal kid. Nothing is wrong with him but he has to suffer also. So I feel bad that he's not getting the childhood he deserves. Who wants to grow up in a boring hospital room?! Next week he's going to a friend's house for the week. Even if he's away from me, he needs some time to play and be a kid. Hopefully it'll be a fun week for him. He doesn't know her well, but she did watch him for a little bit before I started keeping him with me. She has 2 toddler boys that he enjoys being around.

He's getting very helpful around the hospital when he wants to. He closes the door behind the nurses, picks up things they drop, hands me things if we drop them. He just doesn't have anything interesting to do. He spends most of the day watching tv. I miss playgrounds, ECFE class and playdates with the Mom's Club. I feel like he really doesn't get enough attention from me. When we're at the hospital, Tyler demands all of my attention, it's very hard to do anything with Dawson. We do play at the Ronald McDonald house, but it's a very short amount of the day.

I'm out of time, as usual. Hopefully I'll have time to post some pics next time.

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