Monday, September 7, 2009

We're All Home Again!

It's been great having Tyler at home. Though we've had a lot of jealousy issues with Dawson, he's not used to sharing me all day long. Usually when Dawson had enough, we'd leave and the nurse would take over. Not really an option here! My sister came over and played with Dawson for a while on Friday, it was really nice. I got some cleaning done and it was nice to have a break.

Dawson has been calming down a bit, getting in routine with having Tyler home. We go for a walk and out to play everyday. Tyler has to stay in his infant carrier with the sun/bug shield on it. It's a bummer that he can't lay on the ground and explore the grass like other babies are doing. He's not allowed near the dirt. It's hard to know where to go these days.

We go shopping at hours where there aren't as many people, and always with his mask on. People give us funny looks. Yesterday someone came into the register line behind us, saw Tyler and moved over a lane. Probably thought he had something contagious. I've had several people ask if he has that H1N1 "swine flue" thing that's going around. I say "no, he has Leukemia" and then we get all the questions. I don't mind, it keeps things in perspective. It's still hard to believe that our baby has cancer.
Seems like almost everyone we know has something in their home that we have to avoid...pets, mold. We also have to be careful around kids, especially unknown children (schools, daycare, general public). We have to avoid kids because you never know what they're carrying and they aren't mindful of germs yet. They don't understand that they can't touch the baby or get in his face. So it'll be hard not to go to those places.

I'm hoping to get more cleaning done today, the nurse is coming tomorrow to draw labs, then my mom is coming for a couple hours in the afternoon, then my friend may be coming with her baby to visit for a bit. Then Wednesday we should be admitted for a day (hopefully just 1) for chemo. That'll be the end of round 2 chemo. Tyler has his 6 month Dr appt on Friday morning.
Dawson has been learning some new things lately. We've been working on using a spoon, which he can now do all by himself. He can also swing on a real swing on the playground without falling off. As of today he can also take off his shirt. Haven't actually seen him do it, but this is the 2nd time he's come to me grinning without a shirt!
Tyler loves this seat. He played until he fell asleep!

He also loves to sit in his highchair and watch me in the kitchen

Here's a video of Tyler in his Jumperoo, he loves it!

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