Friday, May 7, 2010

Dawson Head Update & Silly Pics

Dawson has been doing great. I put ointment on the wound everyday and I kept him on pain meds for 3 days, which he took very willingly. He finally isn't flinching at me touching it so I stopped the meds. It's healing, but I'm sure it'll be a scar, it was pretty deep and still looks like it's healing pretty wide. It's a little hard to tell though, there's dried blood there. Haven't really tried to get it off yet, I didn't want to hurt him.

He was being really goofy the other day, wanting me to take pics of him. It started by him catching me take this pic. He does this all the time, climbs in, plays a while and then throws all his toys out.
So he decided to start posing for me to take more pics
I guess being halfway across the room wasn't good enough, he had to come over to where I was sitting instead, wanting me to keep taking pics. And no, he didn't just hit his head a bit too hard, he's always a goof!
Tyler had come over to see what was going on, so Dawson was playing with him a bit too.
I asked him to give Tyler a hug....awwww!
It's hard to get a decent pic of them both. I'm lucky if I can even get them in the same pic and see both their faces too! Dawson cooperated just for a tiny bit so I could get this one.
I never said he was enthused about the situation, but at least he sat there.

Today we went to Jess's house for a MOM's Club playdate, the boys had fun, played, had a brownie and made a craft. Afterward we went to the library and then played in the hallway and stairs after we got home. They really wanted to go outside, but it was raining and snowing (yes, there were flakes in MAY!!!) so it was too wet to play outside. We did bubbles, rolled a ball down the stairs and walked around the hallways for a while. At least we all got some exercise.

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