Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Riverside Park Photoshoot

Got some pics earlier this week when we went to the park. It was fun to get out and enjoy the scenery and nice day.We had beautiful weather this week!
We saw the dam, Dawson wasn't sure what to think of that.
They swung on the swings facing the river too. They really liked that.
Then we went to the stone wall and did pics there
Tyler loved it
He was growling at me
Very happy to be outside and away from people so he could have his mask off  :)
Dawson was being difficult, he wasn't smiling for me, no matter what! This is as close as I got.
He mostly just liked walking on the little wall. 

Dawson's teacher comes today, she'll be happy with his progress. He's been imitating and picking up new words often. When I say something, he tries to say it. He's really getting the hang of it. I think words are coming much easier than before and he likes that he can tell me what he wants sometimes.

I got Dawson a train set off Craigslist last week too. He really likes it!
Tyler likes it too
Dawson is very protective over his train set, so as long as he wants to play with it, Tyler can't. Tyler seems to know this, he sat back and watched for quite a while. I was surprised! Unfortunately that didn't last too long and the track ended up in pieces.
So it now has a home on a table where Dawson can play without interruption. He sure liked that idea. :)  Tyler has a more durable little car/train track set on the floor to play with that he likes.

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