Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Camera

Lots going on lately. Tyler had a spinal tap last week, it went well. I took some pics, he only has 1 spinal tap left. It will be at the end of  June or first week in July.
Here's him with his port accessed. They covered it with gauze to hold the needle steady. He was still asleep.
Here's his scar (the dark line up by his shoulder) from the 2 port surgeries. It got a little thicker the last time I think and it's still pretty dark. I'm hoping it'll lighten up over time.
I got a new camera! Mine broke, the lens came off and when I brought it to Best Buy they said it's a model that they don't bother fixing. So we get store credit for it if we want. Dan and I went back the next day and decided on this one! It's way nicer than the old one, it has more features and stuff.
Dawson was curious about my new toy.
I love the settings! This is the Sepia setting.
It has Black & White too
It also has red, blue and green settings, where it makes that color stand out. This is the red setting. The blue works great for the sky and the green looks awesome with the trees.
Normal setting, cute kid. :)
I love the zoom on this thing! My old one had 5x zoom, this one has 20x! If you look at the top of the treeline across the river, there's a tower poking out the top of the trees, about 2 inches to the left of the power line.....
This is that tower!!!
Dawson is already trying to help Daddy with things outside. He loves cars, he'll walk around them all in the parking lot and he'll try to help Dan every time he's outside
It's cute seeing Dawson follow him around so happily.
A friend from ECFE class held a garage sale for Tyler's benefit last weekend. It went well, we have a lot leftover though. Another friend is having a sale too, so I may put some things at her sale and we are looking into having one at our apartment too. I just need to find out if we're allowed or not.

I went skating tonight, it was fun but my skate was acting up towards last. Still waiting to hear about the new wheels but unfortunately it'll be too late by the time I get new ones anyway. Adult night is over at the end of the month. We do still plan on going on weekends sometimes, so hopefully I can get that figured out soon.

I've been walking a lot more again, now that the weather has been nice. We have a 5k on Saturday that we're looking forward to. They're going to have a table for donations and Tyler's bracelets will be selling there. We've also been going to lots of parks and playdates. We have something going on almost everyday, the boys are loving it. Hopefully it'll continue to be a fun-filled summer. :)

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