Saturday, August 27, 2011

We got to come Home!

Workup week is done, quite a relief! We took the shuttle on the last day, Tyler likes riding the bus and it saves on parking fees too! It's usually about $9 a day to park. It's hard to lose that freedom of going when we want to though. It can be tough timing the shuttle with appointments, plus Tyler doesn't do well with all that extra wait time. He doesn't understand why we have to wait 15-20 minutes for the next shuttle to come. There's a giraffe inside the rotating door at the hospital that Tyler likes to watch go around. The Child Life lady who was putting balloons around the hospital decided he was cute and needed a balloon. He was so excited to get one!

 Tyler usually doesn't sit still the whole bus ride. He starts out riding in the back, he thinks that's the cool spot to be. Then at the next stoplight he'll run over to me and sit either across from me or on my lap.
 Tyler was so excited when he saw this! It was go-kart day at RMH on Monday. We went out there not knowing what to expect. They had a go-kart, Lightening McQueen and a battery powered toddler ATV also. Tyler wasn't allowed to drive McQueen, but I asked if I could sit him in it to get pics. Dawson did drive this one. Well, he pushed the gas pedal, but didn't understand the concept of steering. Thankfully they don't go fast.

 So a nice girl gave them both rides on the ATV. They loved it! I was happy that she didn't mind me posting these pics too! :)

 Gabriel took a little nap on Daddy's shoulder. He looks so little in this pic!
 Tyler got a ride on a real go-kart! He was so excited when it took off, it was faster than the ATV.
 Tyler and Daddy watching other kids go around the path.

 Tyler had just thrown a ball to Daddy. This is the path they ride on, it goes in a circle, and also out to the parking lot, though the whole playground area is fenced off.
 Tyler was pretty excited to be home with the toys that are too big to bring with. He was supposed to be admitted to start the transplant process on Tuesday, but things were pushed back because of a stool virus.
 He wore himself out good that first day! He's been taking naps now, it's pretty nice.
 Dawson was happy to see his own bed again.
Dawson got out of bed a couple times that first night. He's used to sleeping with me, or Becky if Dan is staying with us. I went to check on them and found him sleeping with Tyler. Doesn't look like Tyler minded at all. :)

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