Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Discharged from Children's

Today was a crazy, busy day! Tyler was scheduled to be discharged from the hospital. My van broke on Sunday, so I was stuck with the car. I managed to get 3 carseats in the back and the stroller in the trunk, so I really didn't have room to move Tyler's stuff out of his room! Especially Gabriel's big stuff. Thankfully another cancer mom who I met on Facebook offered to bring her van over and get our stuff back to RMH. Was such a relief to find out I had help and it was nice to meet her too. It's hard meeting up with other cancer families. We keep missing eachother's clinic visits or hospital stays, or one of the kids has a fever and we don't want to risk the other patient catching something.

Tyler needed 2 transfusions today, blood and platelets, so those weren't done until 3. Dawson had Speech at 3 and I didn't want to inconvenience my help by making her get stuck in rush hour on the way home, so she came early and we made a special trip to RMH to get our stuff there. Dawson was very confused! We got to the hospital, he played in Sibling Play for a while, just to turn around and go back to RMH, turn around and head back to the hospital again. He did very well with the change of routine though. He had some moments where I needed to slow down and re-explain what we were doing and give him some hugs, but he did pretty good. His concept of "first we're doing this, then we'll do that" is really getting better and that helps immensely.

We got back to the hospital and went straight to Speech. We were cutting it close and ended up being a bit late. The old guy we followed who was doing 15mph across town didn't help either. I dropped him off at speech and went up to be with Tyler. Got the last few things gathered and went over discharge papers. We then walked the halls one more time and said goodbye to all our nurses. Picked up Dawson from Speech and headed back to RMH. Tyler was excited to be out of there, but quiet as usual. He seems to forget what life is like outside the hospital. This time though he didn't cry and seemed to enjoy his time at RMH. He ate lasagna for supper and happily played in the playroom.

The therapy dog was there tonight, both the boys loved petting the dog. Dawson especially seems to be really into animals. He pet the neighbor's gerbil that was on the lawn when we were home and he saw the RMH house dog, Jerry sitting by a window when we got there and he just had to go pet him.

It's always fun hearing stories about Tyler from other people. A mom came up to me at RMH tonight and said "is that THE Tyler from 7th floor?". She went on and on about how cute he is and how he always peeks in their room and says Hi when the door is open. He really is a social kid! He has everyone wrapped around his finger. We settled down soon after supper and just played in our room. He's having a tough time going to sleep tonight though. He was quiet for quite a while, then he started crying. I rocked him a while and he settled down, but now he's fussing again. They really do spoil him at the hospital! He always gets rocked to sleep. He also doesn't have the distraction of Dawson at bedtime at the hospital either! Dawson is still fighting sleep everynight. He was up until 2am last night! I woke him up a bit earlier today, had to about pry him out of bed, but I'm hoping he won't stay up that late tonight. It's almost midnight though and he's still bouncing around the room. Thankfully Gabriel has been sleeping through it all, he went to sleep 2 hours ago and is sound asleep. He's been sleeping through the night still, so I'm pretty happy about that. It's hard getting everyone to sleep in 1 room without waking eachother up as they fight going to sleep.

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