Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy 4 Months Gabriel!

Gabriel is officially 4 months old today! His legs have been getting purplish every now and then, but only when he's pushing his foot against something. I think it's just cutting off circulation and he just has a weak circulatory system, like the Dr said. I haven't seen any episodes of purple that I haven't found a cause to lately.

I wanted to get to the hospital earlier today because I knew his counts were going to be low and I wanted to talk to them about transfusions. In my rush to get out the door, I totally forgot that Gabriel was out of diapers at the hospital! The dumb thing is, I remembered when I was in the bathroom and was going to go straight to the bedroom and get them before I forgot. I was intercepted by Dawson wanting things and it just slipped my mind after that. We got there, I layed Gabriel in his crib and saw the empty spot where his diapers sit. Thankfully I had 6 diapers in the diaper bag, but since Gabriel is picky about his diapers, he demands to be changed the moment he pees. So they went quickly, but I was actually surprised that they lasted until 4:30!

We had a pretty good day, my only gripe was that Sibling Play didn't open until 3pm today, which interrupted Dawson's usual routine. Thankfully Tyler was playing in the hallway when we got upstairs, so Dawson excitedly followed him around. He says "Hi Tyler!" and tells everyone "Look, it's Tyler!". On the way back to his room there was a lady who had just set up her harp and was playing calm music in the hallway. The boys are used to Music Therapy, the lady lets them play her guitar. So of course they went right over to it and wanted to play. I asked her if that's ok and she said it was fine. I don't think she realized how rambuncious these little boys are! The pretty harp music turned pretty intense with 2 toddlers strumming away on it. 
We played more in the playroom, thankfully there were several toys sitting out today. There usually isn't very many toys out to play with, so they get bored quickly. They were getting bored in Tyler's room before the playroom. Here's some good signs of boredom:
 Toilet Paper! This stuff is strong too, it'll go around the corner and almost to the other side of the room before breaking off.
 Gabriel in the hospital stroller. It's easier rolling him around in the single stroller if Tyler is walking.

 Huge O-Ball!
 Brought the Exersaucer for Gabriel today. He loves it, for short periods of time. He likes the mirror he's looking at in this pic.
He also is figuring out the spinny thing.
Had to do some 4 month pics today. He might've gotten cuter this past month, if that was possible. ;)

 We left the hospital at 5pm since I was out of diapers. Plus it was Bingo Night at RMH! We missed last week's. They have tons of stuff, so everyone always comes away with toys and things. Here's our goodies this week. Tyler is gonna be excited to get new cars! We recently had to throw some because he dipped them in his chocolate pudding and they just weren't coming clean. The banana is a game has some plastic pieces that look like scrabble pieces.
 We are currently in the game room. Dawson is going between Pac-Man and the screens on the wall in the right, which have many kid games and stuff on them.

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