Monday, July 18, 2011

Making the most of it

I had planned on going back to the hospital last night, but instead I decided to go back in the morning. Looked like some storms were heading our way and I didn't want to be driving through a flash flood or anything. Turned out to be a good thing I didn't go, because Dan charged up my A/C and took it for a short drive and the altenator died! I was feeling pretty fortunate not to be stranded on the freeway in the heat and possibly a storm with the boys. So today he got the part and fixed it. There was a heat advisory out, so he waited until the hottest part of the day passed to do it. Even then he was soaked from the humidity.

While he was working on the car, I got a lot done today! I thinned out the pile of unpacked boxes in the living room. Then sorted through 6 totes of toys in the playroom and put them away. I have a box of stuff going to the free shelf at RMH also. I'll have to wash all the toys before Tyler comes home, but we have a while for that yet. The dishwasher knob is still broken, so I can't do that yet. The hospital uses a dishwasher to wash toys, so I thought I'd do the same with as many as possible.

Gabriel had a tough time today. He was fussy and spitting up more. I always ge nervous when he starts doing things like spitting up more, being more fussy or sleepy. All symptoms of Tyler's diagnosis. Especially since Gabriel is the same age Tyler was when those symptoms were getting worse. We decided it was just from teething though. He was swallowing a lot of saliva. For a while he was very fussy, he didn't want to nurse, be cuddled, swing or nap. I can feel the sharp teeth through his gums, so they are very close. I gave him some Tylenol for the pain and he eventually settled down and took a nice long nap. He was fine the rest of the day thankfully. He woke up a very happy calm baby.

Yesterday we went and saw a B17 bomber plane at the small airport in town. I wasn't sure how interested Dawson would be, but I'm glad we went. He loved it! He walked all around and under it. Then climbed the ladder to go inside. They were letting people go in and walk around. It was very cramped in there, he got around much faster than I did. He sat in the seats and even said "cheese!" so I could take his picture.

 Small doors!

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