Saturday, July 23, 2011

Good Behaviors

What a great day! We are back home for the weekend. I was greeted by a huge pile of mail. I think I have everything that I need now, just have to fill out some more forms. Lots of steps to get Dawson into the Autism Center, but we're very close! Dawson also got a packet from SuperSibs! It's a program for siblings of cancer patients, ages 4 and up. He got a rubber awareness bracelet, coloring pages and there were some pages with tips for parents on how to handle certain things and how to explain things. It's a great program. They even have an online message board, but I haven't had time to go on there yet.

When Dawson wakes up he yells "HELP!" from his top bunk. I tell him I'm coming and he waits, greeting me with a big smile. Got him changed and then Gabriel was crying, so I went in there to see what he wanted. Dawson came in, saw I was paying attention to someone else and yelled "CHEERIOS, MOMMY, CHEERIOOOOS!" at the top of his lungs. I looked at him and said "nice indoor voice please" and he calmed right down and said "I want cheerios please mommy". Much better! :)  He doesn't always calm down that much, so it was great that he listened. I really think being less constipated now has helped his anxiety and is helping him be calmer. He had 2 dirty diapers this morning and even from yesterday to today there was a big difference in his behavior.

We went shopping today. Dawson was excited to hear we were going to Walmart and the O store (Target). As we get closer, he yells "Mal-Mart!". He did great, even pushed the cart for a bit. We didn't get much, so we did self checkout. He loves putting the money in and they always love hearing his contagious giggles as the machine takes the money. We went to Barnes and Noble for a birthday gift for my Grandma and he was great in there too! He looked at the toys and some books, but he put everything back as he looked at it. I found a couple nice books on the clearance shelf. Board books, one with vehicles and one with people/animals. He was looking at them and naming all the things he saw all the way to Target. We got to Target and he was all smiles. He wanted a snack, so I let him have a bag of Cheetos and some chocolate milk. He gave me the cutest smile and said "Thank you Mommy!". I love that he calls me Mommy now. His first word was "mom", very clearly. He called me "mum" or "mom" for a while. I was feeling like I missed out on the cute mommy/mama stage!

He followed when I asked him to, even when he was looking at a toy. I only had to physically get him twice, which is pretty good. He stayed pretty close too. He wanted to go to the toys, so he kept saying "this way" and pointing me to where he wanted to go. So we looked at what he wanted for a while, then it was mommy's turn. He's been playing with his voice today too. He came to me this evening and said "crackers" in a silly growly voice, so I said "ok Dawson" in the same silly voice and he thought that was pretty funny.

I was so relieved that Dawson was doing good, because Gabriel decided he didn't want anything to do with the stroller, so I was carrying him and pushing the stroller. My bjorn carrier is still at the hospital. That boy is a heavy chunk! He started out with chicken legs and now he has some good chunky thighs and that baby belly. He's also teething, so he's been really fussy lately. He was having trouble going to sleep tonight. Between the teeth and rolling over, it just wasn't happening. He prefers sleeping on his belly, but he kept rolling onto his back and then crying because he was uncomfortable. So I'd roll him back over, which I know he can do, but he was too upset to be thinking of fixing his issue. I left the room and a couple minutes later he was crying again, on his back. I finally put him in his swing, where he sucked on his fingers for a bit and fell asleep. He's been sleeping in his swing a lot. I'm trying to get him out of the habit. Some nights he's fine without, other nights it's just not worth the battle. I think sleeping at an incline helps his belly. He spit up in his crib a couple times. He's been making a lot of saliva with this teething and he seems to be spitting up more because of it. Should be interesting to see what his weight is on Monday, I think he's gained another pound in the last couple weeks!

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Angie Manser said...

Well one thing is for sure at least you can never say you lead a dull life, although I am sure you would trade it in a heartbeat where you can all be at home together and the boys all have a nap at the same time so you can have quiet time. Loving the stories about Dawson, what a little character you have there, wish I could hear that giggle. He does sound amazing though, the way he listens to you and does what he is told, although of ciyrse most four year olds arent too good at listening to their mommies and daddies at the best of times. Well done Stephanie.