Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Making More Memories

Today went pretty well, other than a traumatizing dressing change. They have a cookout at RMH every Wednesday, so we stayed for that and then headed over. It seems to help Dawson to have some time to himself before heading over to see Tyler. He was doing Speech Therapy when we got there. Seeing me was the end of that. I guess I should've waited to go in! Dawson played in Sibling Play while Tyler played with a volunteer and I got some more paperwork sorted out and ready to mail. I think that's the last of it, for now. Gabriel was pretty fussy this afternoon. He loved the attention of volunteers while Tyler nursed. Tyler didn't seem to want to go in the hallways much at all after I got there. He was being pretty clingy. Most likely because of low counts and the chemo he got this morning.
I was pretty happy to have a camera again! So I got a bunch of pics. :)

Dawson in the playroom
 He was working on writing numbers. I didn't help him at all with this.

 We got a Cars poster for Tyler's room. He loves having something on the wall
 Upside down! Dawson's most recent favorite thing to do
 Getting blood pressure taken
 Dawson rolling the blood pressure machine around the room

 Gabriel is so cute! It's so easy to make him smile too. :)

 I was trying to get them both in a pic, but they were too busy. So I told Dawson to give Tyler a hug.
 The Code Blue button that they keep going for! There's 3 buttons on that thing, the blue one is at the bottom, with tape over it. They keep ripping up the tape though. It gives us just enough extra time to get to them though. Such a dumb idea putting an important button at their eye level!

 Gabriel loves his seat.

 Tyler likes petting his head when he's in the seat. If you click on the pic, you can see all the bruises across Tyler's forehead.
 Gabriel's weird hairstyle. He shed all his hair except for that bit at the bottom.

 Gabriel loves all the attention he gets when he's sitting there
 Dawson likes spinning the toys on the seat
 After seeing me play with Gabriel, clapping his hands together and making him giggle, Dawson decided to try it.
 Tyler playing with his toys, settling down for the evening. Even though he just had a long nap! Poor thing was so tired from all that chemo today. Hopefully it'll wear off soon.

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