Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Today was rough. I dropped Dawson off at Sibling Play when I got to the hospital and headed up to Tyler's room. Speech therapy was in there with him, so we went to the playroom for a while. Gabriel was really fussy, he wasn't sure if he wanted to nurse or what. He's been sucking on 2 fingers lately, he has 2 bottom teeth coming in. My calm, content baby has been replaced by a fussy one. He doesn't want to be put down for very long at all, so things are getting more difficult. Tyler was happy for a while, but then the nurse gave him a bath and changed his dressing, which wasn't fun at all and put him in a bad mood. Tyler, Gabriel and I cuddled a while after that while Dawson played on my laptop.

When I got Dawson from Sibling Play, he had a dirty diaper. I noticed it wasn't much and a weird consitancy. Sure enough, not long after that he was grabbing his butt and saying "owie". He got more and more insistant, Gabriel was screaming and Tyler started crying because of it all. So I decided to leave early. I got suppositories for Dawson on the way out and we had a relaxing evening at RMH. Gabriel settled down and took a nap, Dawson had another diaper that didn't seem like much, but it was a start. I'll have him on Miralax the rest of the week to make sure things keep going. Constipation is a pretty common issue with Autisic kids. When we first discovered it, the x-ray showed that he was completely backed up. I'm kicking myself for not just starting Miralax the other day when I was thinking he hadn't gone as much lately. That does explain why he's been more short tempered and has been having more behavior issues lately.

I put Gabriel in the exersaucer for the first time this evening. He seemed to like it, he was excited to be up and have new things to look at, but then he got fussy again. He also rolled over on the bed after a diaper change, which is impressive since it's a tempurpedic bed and you tend to sink into the foam a bit. Though I don't think he's heavy enough to make much of a imprint.

I've been really fighting Dawson with bedtime lately. With just having 2 queen beds, he just doesn't stay put. He has bunk beds at home and he's on the top, so he stays up there. There are rooms here at RMH with bunk beds, so I've asked for one of those if they open up. She said it could be a while, but I think it would make him feel more at home. When we go home he goes to bed with no issue, but here he won't sleep until after midnight and it's getting very old. I'm hoping once he starts going to the Autism Center all day, he'll be on a tighter routine and will be a bit more tired at night.

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Angie Manser said...

Wow you really seem to have had a tough day but sounds like you managed wtih flying colours. Love the pics of Dawson in the plane - he was really happy about that I can see. Hope his therapy is going well. I laughed when you told be how Gabriel was sucking his two fingers I did that when I was a kid until I was at least six, probably older even. Hope he gets through the teething quickly without too much grumpiness. Kisses from Africa for Tyler - tell him an elephant sent them.