Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Amazing Boys

I often get comments that Dawson is the most polite kid in school, or wherever we are. He has for a long time, just copied things he's heard us say, so obviously we try to keep that positive and we are huge on praising the good things. It's so nice hearing some of the phrases catch on and get used a lot. Some are just funny too, he's a very literal child, so some things, past tense, plurels, etc just go over his head. He also doesn't understand phrases like that. He'd be looking above his head if I told him that. Or even simpler ones.

Random funny and cute things I've heard Dawson say lately:

"You're a sweet pie, mommy."

"Oh thank you mommy, you're doing awesome sharing crackers!"

"You're a sweet boy, mommy." (I tell him I'm a girl)  "Oh. You're a sweet girl, mommy."

He rubs my face. "You're so sweet, mommy. You doing a good job."

"mmm, valilla crackers" (which is amusing since 3 weeks ago he couldn't say the L sound!)

"Dawson doing such a nice job. Dawson doing good, mommy?"

"Look mommy, I got my dress on!" (he got dressed, but he dropps the "ed" when he says past tense!)

"Say, You're awesome, Dawson" (I say it, he grins big)

I asked him if I can give him a hug. "Ok, but just a small hug"

"Look mommy (points to my armpit), that's rough! And this (points to my arm) is smooth!" (Gee thanks, buddy, I'll get on that)

As he's walking through walmart he starts pointing and saying the words to match "left, right, up down" (repeat many times) 

"Mommy, can we get toy?" I tell him no, I don't have the money for that now. "Can we go find a quarter, mommy?" (he thinks things cost a quarter. I wish!) 

"Gabriel, you need to say Please first!"

"Mommy, Dawson is silly!"  "Is Dawson silly?" (yep) "Yeah, Dawson IS silly!" (we're still working on the speaking in 3rd person thing)

"Thank you mommy, tummy feels better. You doing awesome!"

"Chew it up good, mommy!"

"See mommy, I being nice to Gabriel."

He also randomly comes up to me and gives me a hug and/or a pat on the head or back.

Every morning he says "moon went down, sun came up!"

Every night he says "the sun is down and the moon is up!"

He asked "stars make the rain mommy?" I told him it's the clouds, so now he sees clouds and says "clouds making rain?" He's so curious about how things work, especially the sky.

Tyler has moved to the front of the sibling list, and if he's naming the whole family, he often puts Tyler first in front of everyone.

When I tell him he gets to ride his horse today, he lights up and goes through all the info. Sonjay likes treats! I say woah to stop and walk on to go. Sonjay does such good listening! I give her treats! His teacher at ASTRIDE says he's doing wonderful and has made so much progress with his 4 sessions.

Gabriel always does this and I think it's so cute and funny! He sits at the end of his crib, legs through the slots, just looking at the door. Often he doesn't even fuss, or he'll fuss a bit, then I'll say I'm coming and he'll stop and just grin when I walk in. So adorable!
 Hi mom, I'm done with my nap!
 My view walking in the door. I guess he has to get as close to the door as possible. Which is amusing since the other 2 figured that standing and screaming would get them closer than sitting.

Gabriel has been saying lots!!

"NO!" or "NoNoNoNoNoNooooo"

"Help me!" (His toy was stuck)

"Woof!" (any animal may or may not make dog sounds)

Daddy, Dad, Mommy, Mom, Dawson, Gabriel, Katie, Buddy, Sarah. He's saying lots of names, and even remembers them! We pulled into Katie's driveway and he says "Katie! Woof!" She has 2 little dogs and he loves them. :)

More, a-done (all done), please, thank you, yum yum YUMMY, uh oh, me, oh no, yes, cracker, ice cream, chicken, cheese, this, that, yay, car, truck, train, dog.

It's getting to the point where he's trying to imitate much of what we say. I tell him what something is, and he really thinks about it and tries to say it. So neat! It's all happening so fast. Tyler had several words, but never this much. Makes me sad that I wasn't able to hear more things. With every milestone and achievement, there's also sadness because he's passing Tyler up. I dreaded this, but I was hoping to get another year before it happened.

Yesterday it was colder out, so I put pants and socks on Gabriel. I realized as I pulled out his socks, that they were too small. Next size up were Tyler's. They fit perfectly. Socks are one of those things I decided was manageable. Really, it's just socks, right? I guess we'll find out. Like most things, we just go with what feels ok. Even the littlest things are difficult.

Can I wake up yet? I really want to cuddle my sweet boy again.

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