Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy 14 months Tyler!

 Tyler is 14 months today! On one hand, I can't believe he's already 14 months, seems like he just turned 1! On the other hand, each month that passes is a month closer to being done with chemo, so that's exciting. Though really, it seems like such a ways off that the "sad that he's growing" part of things seems stronger for now. He's looking so much older too, everyone who sees him lately has been commenting on how much he's changed. His face looks older and him getting hair helps the older look too.

Today was fun. We went to a MOMS Club playdate at Nicole's house and met some new kids. We stayed there for 2 hours. Dawson was unsure of the new place at first, but when it came time to go he was running away from me, saying "happy". I guess he was happy there and didn't want to leave! We played outside for a while after we got home and went for a small walk. The lawn mowing company came after that, so they spent the next hour watching the lawn mowers!

Things are going a little better with Tyler's meds. He seems to be swallowing more than he was before. He still fights me and often holds a grudge for a little while afterward though. Here he is, sitting on daddy's lap, glaring at me for giving him his meds.
While getting some cleaning done in their room, I put a movie on. I came out to check on them since they were being pretty quiet and here's what I found! Dawson has been allowing Tyler to be closer to him these days, it's so cute! I love seeing them play together and get along. I even found them wrestling on the floor today. I heard some grunting and small cries from Tyler today. Looked over to see Dawson had pinned his head to the floor and wasn't letting up. Then when I told him to let go, he did, but then proceeded to roll onto Tyler, pinning him down again! Then when he got up and crawled away again, Dawson head-butted him, trying to knock him over. Tyler giggled at that one, so it's nice to know that he actually does enjoy Dawson's attempts to play with him. He is fairly gentle about it too, I've seen much worse. Dawson does seem to be pretty careful but like any kid, he gets to playing and sometimes goes overboard and gets a bit rough.
Dawson even decided to share the last half of his cereal bar with Tyler tonight! He won't eat food yet, but he sure loves playing with it. He was putting some in his mouth, but I think most got spit out. He mostly licks things yet. He was a big mess but having lots of fun. Thank goodness for throw blankets on the couch, I just shook it out and it was back to being clean again. Doesn't he look so much older these days?!
While I was shaking the blanket outside, Dawson got to my camera and added some of his own photography
That last one is off center because I had walked back in the room and he moved the camera in hopes that I don't see it! He was all giggles when I looked and saw his pictures on there. I can't say I mind him taking pics either, it's so cute to find these kinds of surprises!

Dawson has been doing great lately. He listens to directions more, he's pointing to things, which is one of his objectives. He's picking up more new words lately, 1-2 each week it seems. He recently said "shoes" and "juice". Today I think he said "milk" also. His teacher is always excited to hear about new words and especially things that are on his list of goals. I even found him driving 2 little cars around and talking to them the other day. He hasn't done any imaginative play or anything like that yet, so it was cute to see. It seems to help when I show Tyler how to do something, then Dawson is interested in it too and imitates. If I show Dawson, he's not quite as interested! Funny how that works.

I also turned Dawson's carseat forward facing today. He didn't like it at all, but I think once he gets used to it, he should be fine though. He has ridden that way before, I just think he was tired at the time. He really likes sleeping in the car and being more relaxed and he really can't while sitting up that far, so it'll be a big change for him. He's usually asleep before Tyler is these days! Tyler is still in his infant carrier and will probably be there for quite some time unless he has a sudden big growth spurt!

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