Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What's Cookin'?

It's been a pretty easy going couple of days. On Tuesday I got a call from the Help Me Grow program at the school. The same one that sends someone for Dawson once a week. Tyler now qualifies for some services as well. Someone is coming on May 4th to do a quick evaluation and update his file to make sure he does need services. He's just a bit behind in speech. He hasn't picked up a new word in about 8 months. At this age, speech isn't a really huge deal, but since Tyler is on chemo, they'd like to get things going early to keep him going in the right direction. Chemo often causes learning disorders and other things so we like to keep ahead of things. Many kids on chemo have physical difficulties with muscle tone also, but he's actually on the top of the curve in his physical development, so no worries there. The Dr is always very impressed to see what all he's doing. I can't wait for the day when he can walk into the clinic on his own.

I took the tape off his incision yesterday, it's healing just as well as it did the first time. They did use the exact same line, so I was relieved that he doesn't have to have yet another scar. I still feel his port all the time, it's just habit now! It's still in place and facing the right way, which is always a relief. I'm still trying to baby that shoulder so I don't stretch anything!

I'm still going skating every Tuesday. It's a lot of fun and feels good to break up the week a bit and get out. It really helps. Mon, Tues and Wed are hard with the meds because I have 1 extra those days. He still fights them and it takes 2-3 hours to get them all in. Tonight I finally got them all down and he threw up. It's so frustrating! It was enough to need a bath, which he enjoyed but seemed to be missing Dawson who was already asleep.

Sleeping babies are so cute!
I don't get many pics of Dawson anymore. Every time he sees the camera, he wants it for himself and is behind the camera before I can get a pic! But I convinced him to hold still for a few.
He was trying to pose
Smiling but also annoyed that I wouldn't give it to him!
Patience gone!
Adorable smile! I was holding him and trying to take a pic, so it's off center.
My little Tyler monster!
Things should be more interesting now that he's learned to climb!
Good thing I taught him to get down before he figured out how to go up. :)
He's good at it too!
Tyler has hair!! It seems to be growing fast.
Dawson was so tired. The babysitter wore him out good I guess! He fell asleep on the couch, rolled and fell off. I guess he was too tired to either lay on the floor or get up again, so he stayed like this! He didn't complain or even wake up when I scooped him up and brought him to bed.
I went to heat up some leftover Mac n Cheese today but found this when I opened the microwave. Nice to know that Dawson and I had the same idea today!! My way of making it tastes better though! Good thing he didn't actually turn it on, he's done that in the past. I will find plastic cups and bowls in the microwave. He just scoots his chair right up there. I can't convince him to keep away from it!
Tyler is excited and clapping. He does this a lot, he's the happiest baby I know. :)
Dawson wanted a pic of him at the table too.

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