Monday, April 12, 2010

Making Progress

We've been very busy here lately. Lots going on and no time at the end of the day to make a post! Unfortunately we have some cold/allergy thing here now. I've been stuffed up. I thought it was allergies, but today I was extremely tired and achy, so I'm thinking it's a cold. Dawson seems to have the same thing tonight, he went to bed early, but woke up later, moaning. Tyler has been sneezing some and sleeping a lot, but seems ok.

I've been getting some spring cleaning done. We found a set of bunk beds by the dumpster, we have some people moving out and throwing a lot of things away. So I had to clean out to make room for that until we get hardware and stuff to set it up with. I got a bookshelf cleaned off and all the boy's books on it. I got the winter stuff out of their dressers and put some summer clothes in it. I still need to find the rest of Dawson's summer clothes. I know where they are, just have to sort through the bag. I found summer stuff for Tyler and a few new outfits for Dawson at a couple of sales recently, so I think we're set for a while, unless someone has  major growth spurt.

Dawson has been doing great. He has new words coming more frequently now. He loves helping me cook and make things. He goes into the kitchen and says "eat", then happily pushes his chair over to the counter to help me out. Today I asked him to give Tyler a yogurt melt and tell him to eat it and that it's yummy. I wasn't expecting him to actually say it! He said "baby, num num" and tried to put it right in Tyler's mouth. Tyler then took it and actually considered eating it. He also said "banana" today, while I was making banana bread. He babbles at people just like he thinks he's carrying on a conversation with them, it's really cute.

Tyler has been doing good too. He had an infection in his diaper area, but after using some Bactroban on it, it seems to be better. I still made an appointment with the pediatrician like they suggested. That will double as his pre-op appointment, so now we won't have to get to the hospital quite so early this time. Now we have to be there at 11:30am, instead of  10am. Unfortunately now that road construction has started, we have to leave more time for delays and stuff. I'm just glad we don't have to go back and forth as much as we did last summer, that was horrible dealing with all that road construction on the freeway.

I got a call from the county, they added up Tyler's 1 year questionnaire results and it showed that he's behind on Communication and Problem Solving. She went over my answers to see if he's doing any of those things now and he's no longer behind in the Problem Solving. He started doing some of those things shortly after I sent it off, so I wasn't too surprised at that. He seems to figure out things pretty quick. They are sending a request into the school district to have a teacher come out for Tyler, like they do for Dawson. They are impressed that he's doing so well on chemo. It usually messes with their Neurological development, but he seems to be doing ok so far. They still want to keep on top of things though, which is good.

Tyler on Easter at my Grandma's house. He really needed a good nap.
Dawson after his haircut. I wasn't too impressed, they left a lot of long hair I thought, so I cut it shorter. Maybe I'll just do it myself from now on.
Tyler in his infant carrier. He has so much growing room at the top yet! I have a feeling he'll be in that for quite some time. I'm very happy about that, I'm hoping to at least make it through the summer so he can have the sun protection. I just have to find the sunshade I bought for it last summer. It seems to have gotten lost in the crazy shuffle of all our inpatient stuff last summer. I didn't need it anymore, I know I brought it home, but who knows where I tossed it to deal with it later!
Tyler crawling around. He really gets around everywhere now. He prefers cruising furniture and things if possible. I'm sure he'll be walking before we know it.
Dawson trying on the baby sunglasses. They don't quite fit him because they just wrap around his head and the band is small, so it falls and pushes on his ears. At least he's interested in them now. I think I'll get him his own pair for this summer. I also need to find Tyler a hat for his little bald head! He'll be very prone to sunburn with his very pale skin.
Tyler's chest x-ray showing his flipped port. Thankfully it flipped back on it's own.

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