Friday, April 2, 2010

Tyler's First Bath without Hickman!

Not much new here. Still going outside whenever we can. It's really tiring Dawson out at the end of the day, as you can see here. He fell asleep 2 hours before bedtime the 2nd day, and stayed asleep when I put him to bed! So now his bedtime is 2 hours earlier, which is what I was aiming to do anyway. :)
Tyler's steri-strips came off his old hickman site, it's looking great! A bit discolored, but that's normal to be like that for a while.
Tyler's meds on Monday. Now we're down 1 or 2, depending on how he's feeling. He's been fighting his meds bad though. Just 1 syringe takes 2-5 hours to get into him. :(
Dawson and Tyler's 1 year pics! I just had to compare, so I layed them side by side and took a pic. A definite resemblance! They have the same nose, ears, cheeks, eye shape. Tyler just has a bit more pudge in the face. Tyler still has blue eyes though, and Dawson has my hazel eyes. I'm hoping Tyler's will stay blue.
Tyler was being clingy the other day, so I left him in the carrier after doing laundry. He stayed in there for 30 minutes and only wanted out because he was too hot.
Dawson stands here a lot. It's what he does when he wants to go outside! As you can see, it was a bit dark for that at the time! That doesn't seem to bother him though. We have gone out a couple times just after dark, because there's lights over there, but I don't like going out too late.
"Will being cute help my case?"  He does this a lot. If in doubt, look really cute so Mom has to say yes!
I got new shoes! My old ones were really bad, they've had holes in the toes for the past year! So I found the red ones on sale for a really good deal. I was going to get more Asics, but these Sauconys were more supportive and the same price. I was aiming for blue, I'm not much of a red person, but I'm getting used to them. I forget how white new shoes are! My old ones used to be that white too!
Bathtime! Tyler's first bath after his hickman was removed. This will be his 3rd real bath since diagnosis. It was just too much of a hassle with the tape and saran wrap. He'd be so mad by the time he was all taped up that he didn't enjoy his bath. I'm glad he liked this one though! He was unsure at first, but quickly got into it.
Didn't want Tyler bumping his head, so I got this for the spout. Is it bad that I didn't get it for Dawson? I guess Dawson never really moved around much in the tub. Tyler is already exploring!
Dawson quickly got in next to me and was playing with Tyler.
So I just put Dawson in there too. Tyler was already getting brave enough to stand!
Mohawk! It was too long to stand on it's own. His hair is really getting long!
Tyler's incision after the tape came off. It looks pretty good.
Uh oh! My toes are all wrinkled!
Tyler was pretty tired after his bath.
Dawson's teacher came on Thursday. She brought the speech teacher and another lady to re-write his ISFP (goals). They also talked about summer school a bit. He'll be going either on a big bus or a van, depending on what they have available to them. He doesn't need much, just diapers, extra clothes and a notepad for communication between me and the teacher. He'll be there for 2 hours, once a week. It's 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, so he'll go 6 times over summer. This will give him a slow introduction to school so when Fall starts, he'll be more ready for that. He'll be going 3 days per week in the fall! Crazy to think about. He did pretty good with everything the teacher brought. He's sharing with Tyler now, where he used to freak out everytime Tyler crawled anywhere near him. It doesn't bother him anymore. He doesn't throw toys when upset, he looks at the teacher for help. He loves puzzles! I definitely have some good ideas for his birthday now.

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kimmyjo221 said...

They both had so much fun in the tub, and that shot of Tyler asleep on the couch in his boppy was so precious. He looked very peaceful.