Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Loving Spring!

We've been loving spring and taking advantage of the nice weather! On Friday we went to the library. Dawson likes putting the movies in the return. Then he likes handing the card to the librarian. He's been trying to help wherever he can. It's pretty cute, but takes extra time, so I try to leave with plenty of time to let him do things. We went to Aldi's for the first time, that place is great, very good, cheap food. I saw my aunt Nyla there too, who enjoyed seeing me and the boys again. We also went to the More 4 Less thrift store and found a pair of jeans for Dawson, then we went to Once Upon a Child and found a few more pairs. So he's finally good on jeans. They were both pretty sick of shopping by the time we were done with it all, so they got to play outside when we got home. They always enjoy that.

Saturday was Back to the 70s night at the Skatin Place. Dan and I went, the boys were happy to see their babysitter again. There was a good crowd there and we saw many friends, it was a lot of fun.

Sunday we played outside some more. We all went for a walk, the boys played on the playground at the apartment here and had lots of fun. It was a relaxing day.

On Monday we picked up Tyler's 1 year pictures and went to the Lake George park. It was fun, Dawson got to play by some other kids, which he rarely does. I'm trying to get him used to being around other kids since he'll be going to preschool in June. Since being isolated all winter, we haven't gone many places or been around many kids.

Tuesday we went to the DMV for tabs, then to the Boys & Girls Club park. There were more kids there, I forgot about it being after school and there being so many kids, but I decided to let him play there anyway. I guess it was too many kids, because he got up to the slide, waited so patiently but the kids weren't going down, they were just goofing around. He got very upset and ran back down the steps, looking a bit traumatized! I had him go down a different slide a few times, then try the big one again. After that we just left. Way too many kids! We accidentally found a new little playground while driving around the area, so we stopped there. There were 2 teens playing basketball and an empty playground. He wanted to play with the big kids though, so he went right over, grabbed the ball and tossed it up at the regulation height hoop. I was going to get him out of there, but the boys seemed to have fun playing with him. Dawson would retrieve the ball after they made a shot and throw it back to them. Then he'd giggle hysterically everytime one of them made another basket. It was pretty cute seeing him so excited to be playing with them. They left and he had a tantrum, stood there looking like a lost puppy. He did finally decide to play on the playground though. I had a hard time getting him to leave. I had the car started and got in before he realized I was quite serious about leaving. Then he came over and climbed in so I could buckle him up. He's really been listening pretty good lately.

After we got home, I washed up Dawson and while we were doing that, Tyler dumped my cup of water all over himself. Forgot I left that by the door, oops! So had to change his outfit, eat, get ready for skating and nurse Tyler, all within 30 minutes of the babysitter getting there! I was nursing Tyler when she came and Dawson was finishing up his nuggets. They both decided to abandon their food to play with the sitter. Tyler crawled over and said "Hi dada!". At least it's a greeting, she thought it was pretty cute. I had a good time skating. It's nice to get out of the house for a bit. I get to have some decent conversation instead of talking baby and toddler talk all day long! We ended the evening with some popcorn. Dawson had pushed his chair up to the counter and was climbing onto the counter to get the popcorn maker that was on top of the fridge! So he helped me make that and eat it. His bedtime has been getting earlier, thanks to the help of playing outside. He's been so active during the day, he has no complaints about bedtime. I tell him it's time for bed and he jumps up and runs to his room! I'm loving it!

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