Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spontaneous Date Night!

I wasn't much looking forward to today. Dan went to the junkyard for a much needed part for my car, so I was home with the kids and bored. We played for a while and I went online. I'd planned on going for a walk as well. Dawson pushed the stroller over to the door and climbed in, so I took the hint and got them bundled up. It's been nice, but still a bit chilly after a while. Except for me, I get pretty warm from walking. I always try to walk briskly and get a good pace going to burn more calories. I walked around the neighborhood this time. I checked my phone to see how long I'd been walking, it was 30 minutes. When I pulled the phone out, the bug netting that was bunched up in with it fell out. I noticed it when I got closer to home, so I turned around and ended up walking around the block and did find it. Whew! I walked 2.3 miles today. I was a bit winded and tired in general, but not sore. I usually don't plan my routes, I just know the neighborhood and take turns depending on how I'm feeling at the time and how far I think I can walk. Then I go home and mapquest how far it was.

At this rate, the 5k in May will be a breeze! a 5k is 3.1 miles. I plan on walking it with the boys and Dan. We're doing one through a local Moms group online. It started out as fun, then someone decided to make it a fundraiser thing too. So we're raising money for the local food shelf, homeless shelters and those types of places (my ideas). It's still in planning stages yet. Then there's the Relay for Life in June, which is to raise money for Cancer research. I've been in contact with the lady who plans the one in St. Cloud, but now Dan's work is participating in the one in Becker! So I'm not quite sure what we're gonna do. I'd love to do both. One is in June and one in July, but they're 24 hour events! I guess we'll see how the first one goes. Plenty of time to think about it.

Speaking of Cancer, I recently signed up for the Bone Marrow Registry online. They sent me a packet with instructions on swabbing my cheek for a tissue sample. So I sent that in a few days ago. They say being a match for someone is about as likely as winning the lottery, but I wanted to anyway. You just never know if there's someone out there waiting for you to sign up because they have no other match. Bone Marrow donation isn't what it used to be. Instead of digging out Bone Marrow from your hips, they draw blood, separate the stem cells out of it and put the rest of your blood back. Much less painful and definitely worth it, if it means saving a life.

So back to my walk, I had just gotten home and decided to walk around Windsor Oaks (our neighboring apartment, it's a 1/2 mile loop), when my phone rang. It was our friend Brian, asking if we'd be able to go roller skating tonight! Well it was already 5:15pm, the session starts at 7pm! Dan still wasn't home, he'd need a shower and I'd have to find a babysitter in that short of notice. I told him this and said I'd work on it, all while wishing I hadn't taken such a long walk, since I was tired! I called Dan, he said he'd like to go if we could pull it off. So I called my sister since she hasn't seen the boys in a while, figured I'd give her first dibs, but she was busy. So I called the sitter I've been using, apologizing for it being such an insane short notice, but she said it was no problem at all. This girl is awesome! Dan got home, showered, the sitter showed up a bit earlier than I expected, so she played with the boys while we got ready, it worked out pretty well. We got Arby's drive through for supper, I discovered that they have really good $1 chicken sandwiches! I'm never getting a McChicken again, they are way too spicy these days. Anyway, we got to the rink around 7:15, still beating Brian there. It's funny how a boring day can become so hectic. I guess we're pretty used to it! At least this was for something good! We had a good time skating. Lots of kids and people who don't know how to skate well. I'm used to adult night, everyone is a good skater, they don't cut in front of you or form big lines holding hands that you have to get around. No crazy lights or fog machines. Maybe I'm getting old, but these just don't appeal to me! The fog machine has always bothered my asthma, so I requested they not do that anymore. Other than dealing with crazy kids, it was fun getting out and talking to Brian and Jessie again. The music wasn't too bad either, they did quite a bit of teen music, but they did play a variety. Hopefully we can make this a more regular (and planned!) event! Was nice getting out with Dan too, I miss that. I was very tired by the end of the night, but seemed to get a 2nd wind for the last 30 minutes of the session. I sure hope the boys let me sleep decent tonight! They went to bed a bit early, so I'm scared to think about what time they're gonna get up!

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Vicky Burdick said...

Wow...the things you learn from reading a blog. I had no idea you ever had asthma...or that you were doing a 5k.

Speaking of which, though, I'd be interested in finding out more about the Relay for Life you & Daniel are thinking of doing. I'm doing a Heart Walk through my work this summer & have been meaning to do more walking anyhow. Let me know more or a website if there's a specific one at all that gives more info.


~Vicky :)