Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tyler's 1 Year Appointment

Tyler had his 1 year appointment with the pediatrician today. He lost 1 pound since last week. I'm hoping the scales are off or something, but I know he hasn't been eating quite as much because of that chemo. He weighed 20 pounds, 11 ounces. That's only 3 1/2 pounds up from where he was at his 4 month appointment when he was diagnosed! He looks good and the Dr said that's expected, from all he's been through. He's dropped to the 17th percentile. He started out in the upper 90's!

Dawson on the Bouncy Turtle
Tyler with his Lawn Mower
See the bruise on the side of his forehead? He's got 20-25 of those all over himself! Some are faint, some aren't. Poor baby! I sure hope they all fade soon.
Playing with my mouse. His favorite thing to get into when I'm on the computer. He likes the light inside it.
I got Tyler a new booster seat. He loves sitting at the table with the rest of us. Dawson was a bit jealous, but got over it pretty quickly. I'm leaving the tray on so it looks "babyish". Now Dawson isn't quite as interested.
The boys sitting at the table together. Cute! Tyler has since moved to the other end of the table though, so he's away from the carpet. :)
Dawson and Mommy. He still likes pics of himself and now likes it when I'm in there with him. :)
Tyler was feeling a bit under the weather from his chemo the other day. He loved being in the sling!
Dawson, sleeping on the couch after getting sick. Poor boy got a flu virus, but it was very short lived, thankfully. He only threw up once but took a good day of rest before he attempted being up and around much
Tyler has discovered a new way to travel...with toys!!
They do fall out if he smiles at someone though!

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