Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tyler's Birthday Party

We celebrated Tyler's party on Sunday. Jenny came a bit early to help out. She brought some folding chairs because I didn't have enough seating. We didn't have as many people as we thought we would anyway, so it worked out pretty good. Dan's parents didn't want to come, then my brother got sick, so both brothers stayed home. My sister couldn't get out of work and my friend Jen had other obligations that day. So we ended up with just my parents, my Grandma, Dan's sister and our friend Jenny. Really, that was an ideal amount of people for our small place anyway!

We had cake and ice cream, then opened presents. Tyler wasn't so sure about the cake at first, but he did end up pretty messy and was determined to play with the cake until it was all just crumbs. I don't think anything made it in his tummy though! He put it to his lips once and that was about it. After having chemo just 2 days before that, I wasn't expecting anything to get eaten anyway.

He got a pretty nice pile of presents. His Great Grandma got him 2 books (a touch n feel and an animal book with noises) Puffs and Mum Mums (baby snacks). Grandpa and Grandma got him a ride on firetruck. His uncles each got him a movie. He got Clifford and Blue's Clues. Aunt Vicky got him 2 books (first words and the hungry caterpillar). Jenny got him 2 stuffed animal puppets. We got some really good deals, so we got him more than we would've! Toys R Us had a buy one get one free sale on Fisher Price toys. I had a gift card too! So I got him the Lawn Mower and a talking Mailbox. Then I found movies on sale, so I got him Word World and Blues Clues. Then when we were at Walmart, they had a Bouncing Colors Turtle on clearance, we got the last one.

He loves his books, he likes books way more than Dawson did at that age. He can sit through 4-5 books before wanting off my lap. Dawson wouldn't sit still for 1 page! He does now though. He loves the Fisher price toys, they're a bit hit. Dawson often pushes the lawn mower around and waits for Tyler to follow him. It's so cool seeing them playing together and getting along more now. Tyler loves his ride on truck. We push him around the apartment on it, or just in the living room. He hasn't figured out where the buttons are (under the steering wheel), but he sure likes being pushed around, especially if Dawson runs along with us. It's very hard on a person bending over and pushing for too long though! The movies were a big hit too, they always watch them in the morning when they're waking up and in the evening to wind down. He's not so sure about the Bouncy Turtle. Dawson plays with it a lot more. Tyler can't begin to put his feet on the ground yet. He does like pulling himself up on it and playing with the buttons though.The puppets are fun, he likes how soft they are. Dawson thinks it's fun to put his hands in them.

It's nice to have new toys around. They keep themselves entertained more easily now. I also went through and sold some toys on Craigslist. Got rid of almost as much as we brought in, plus I made almost as much as I spent too. Always a good feeling. :)

Here's Tyler with his cake
(and no, nothing got in his mouth, he just touched it to his lips!)
Yay! It's all crumbled!
Tyler with Grandma after getting all cleaned up
Presents! He wasn't so big on the opening part
Dawson came to help
Grandpa is getting the tags off his puppets while Tyler checks out his mailbox
Many of the pics were blurry, due to low camera batteries, but this was too cute not to post!
Riding his firetruck
Dawson was putting tape on my nose. He likes tape and stickers.
Tyler on his bouncy turtle
Dawson trying to push him off the turtle
What to play with next?!
Dawson loved kicking around the paper and packaging after everyone left.

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