Thursday, February 4, 2010

Went to Children's ER

I was grocery shopping, had been carrying Tyler through the store. Got to the checkout lane and put him back into his infant carrier that was on the cart seat. I stepped to the side of the cart to grab my wallet out of the diaper bag. Only took a couple seconds. I heard a horrible smack and looked back to see Tyler laying on his back on the floor. I will never forget that horrible sound! He cried, his eyes were rolled back in his head and he wouldn't look at me or focus on anything. He promptly fell asleep and I couldn't get him to wake up for several minutes. Even then he just kinda grunted, let out a couple small cries and fell right back asleep.

I called the on call Oncologist and he had me bring him to Childrens. Not our town's ER, because they have his records at Children's and they wanted to do a CT scan and have him there just incase. So I went home (on the way anyway) to grab his meds and a few things for a possible overnight. Had Dan follow me to the hospital, he was on the way also. It seemed like such a long drive, took just over an hour (which is making pretty good time). We got there and Tyler woke up. He was as perky and active as normal! Whew!

They took an hour to get a Dr to us (after the nurse decided he seemed ok). They were about ready to let us go, but I insisted on a CT scan, like the Oncologist had said we should do. His CT scan was fine.

Then we decided to do counts, as I was worried about where they were since he hasn't had counts in a while and the Dr agreed. They came in and were gonna poke his finger. I told them he gets labs drawn from his line. She left and another nurse came in and told me they'd rather do a finger poke than access a port. I told he doesn't have a port, as I held up his lines that I'd taken out. She about jumped! She looked surprised and then decided that they'd just do it that way (um...duh?). Then they didn't even have the right amount of heparin and they weren't about to use saline, so after correcting her on that, we finally got labs drawn. These are the people we trust with our kids, what if I didn't know all this stuff?! Sheesh! Anyway, his counts are up, WAY up! We were very surprised. His ANC (immunity) is over 1,000 which is very rare for him!! I had them print out counts for me. He last had counts Jan 28th.
WBC - 2,800
Hemoglobin - 10.1
Platelets - 201
ANC - 1,802
According to these counts, he's more than ready for his next chemo. I'm gonna call his primary nurse after I get some sleep and update her on how he's doing and talk about those counts. Maybe he won't even need labs on Monday and we can just start chemo instead.

We were let go with some warning signs to watch for. He seems to be doing great. Nursing fine, playing and giggling. He got upset when Dawson was screaming, no doubt the poor baby has a heck of a headache. I feel horrible. I realize it was only a couple seconds, but of course I had to repeat the story like 5 times in the ER and they were all like "oh, he was unbuckled?". :( I explained that I had been holding him and just put him down for a tiny bit. I usually grab my wallet, which my diaper bag requires 2 hands, then I pick him back up again. I just feel awful, thinking about what could've resulted and how much it must've hurt him. :(

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Anonymous said...

I know you feel bad, but it could've happened to anybody. I'm glad he's ok!