Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Zoo, Flu and a New Stroller!

On Friday we went to the Cancer Patient Holiday Party at the MN Zoo. I brought my Grandma along also for some company. Was nice spending some time with her. They had a small meal and the indoor trail and dolphin tank open for us. The boys really enjoyed the fish and dolphins. They didn't care too much for the other animals, they were very hard to see amongst all the plants and trees.

Before the Zoo on Saturday I picked up my new stroller. It's a double jogger, I've been wanting one since last summer. My current double stroller is great for stores and other flat ground, but grass is very hard to roll over, making it hard to go to parks and many other places. My single stroller was a jogger also, and I really missed those big wheels! I found it on Craigslist for a really good deal. The lady had only used it a few times. Dawson thought it was neat, he immediately hopped in and chose to sit in the seat on the opposite side of where he usually sits. Didn't know he had a preference!
Dan was gone on Saturday, we went to fix his truck and bring it back for the snowstorm with hopes to sell it. Unfortunately his parents parked it behind their house and the fuel lines froze. So he won't be able to work on it at all until it gets above freezing. He was pretty disappointed, as we could've been doing other things that day.

Tyler got labs on Monday, they were great! Higher than expected, so we planned on going in for chemo on Tuesday. Unfortunately I got the flu Monday night and was sick into Tuesday, so I called and canceled his appointment. I still don't feel well, but I'm over the worst part it seems. We have chemo scheduled on Friday. I think Dawson's teacher may be coming the same day, it somehow didn't get on the calendar! Way too many things going on these days. So now I get to call and figure all that out.

Poor Tyler scraped his head on the bottom of a chair this weekend, he crawled under it and apparently there was something sharp under there. :(
Here's a cute shirt I found for Tyler at Once Upon A Child that I just couldn't pass up. He's quickly earning the title! I usually don't put him in anything white or really dark, for obvious reasons. Look how pale he is!

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The Nicholson Family said...

Look at how much those boys have changed since I last saw them! My goodness!