Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Productive Day

I'm feeling a lot better. My energy is back and my appetite is getting there. I finally had enough energy to work on catching up from being sick. I got a shower in, but had to get out in the middle of it to see why Tyler was suddenly crying like he was dangling off a cliff. Dawson had shoved him.

We went shopping in the evening. We always leave after 8:30 and try to stick to weeknights, so we're exposed to less people. Went to the library and got some vocabulary movies for Dawson. He likes them. He said "baby" when the baby was on the screen. :)  We went to Walmart and Cub/Cashwise without incident! I say Cub/Cashwise because Cashwise bought out Cub and they're in the middle of transitioning it over. They're about halfway done with the store, it's a bit weird to see both names on different things!

Dawson helped me put away groceries while Tyler snacked on his new food in his highchair. I got him some yogurt melts from the baby aisle. It's so hard finding something other than cereal and crackers that he'll eat! He won't allow me to feed him, so nothing on a spoon. He picks everything up, but he always passes it between hands a couple times. This rules out anything squishy or crumbly because it's mushed or disintegrated by the time he's ready to put it in his mouth. He doesn't have many teeth yet, so he can't really chew much of anything. It has to fall apart pretty easily or able to be gummed to death! The yogurt melts are perfect because he can easily eat them and they make no mess. If only they were cheaper!! If anyone has any ideas on a healthy food that isn't ruled out by the above problems, let me know! Right now he eats bananas (sometimes), cereal, crackers, cheese, yogurt melts and the occasional noodle.

I got the toys cleaned up and sorted again and fixed the board books. Dawson seems more careful with books lately, but he does occasionally damage them. I'm keeping them in a box to read with them and they go back in there when he's done. I'm hoping he'll start being careful again. I'm doing that to many of his toys now, especially the ones with smaller pieces. Trying to get more organized.

Dawson seems to be babbling a bit more lately. He has added "apple" to his vocabulary and today while listening to one of his toys sing "Old McDonald", he said "e-i-e-i-o". It was pretty cute.

Tyler is now cutting the 4 top teeth all at once. I have him on Morphine for the pain a couple times a day. It seems to be working pretty well, though it's pretty obvious when it wears off, he gets very irritable. Those gums are so red and swollen! I really hope his platelets stay up during the teething so we don't have much bleeding.

Today I lined up several toys in front of Tyler. I asked him for the ball and he picked it out and gave it to me. He did the same with the block. We repeated this several times and even though he seemed to want to play with the ball, he always stopped to give me the block when I asked for it. :)

Tomorrow (Friday) we go in for chemo. We have to leave at 8am and we'll be there the majority of the day. I'm gonna try bringing Dawson with us. Hopefully it'll go well. If anything, I believe we can walk around, though I'm not sure how far we can go.

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