Monday, February 22, 2010

Getting Ready for a Party!

I've had a busy week! I made Dan and Tyler's birthday lists at Target and spent some time going around the store and finding things they'd like or need. I've also been cleaning the apartment for Tyler's party on Sunday. Mostly just putting big baby stuff away. I have no clue where I'm gonna put it all. I have a swing and infant carrier coming back to me tomorrow night. I just put away the exersaucer and the jumperoo, so that made a lot of room in the living room. Next I need to take down the climber slide, clean off the table and get rid of the wall that blocks the kitchen so we can put the leafs on the table.

Dawson is doing great. he's babbling more and picking up on a couple new words. He also will go to the car and climb in once I open the door. A huge improvement, he used to take off running down the parking lot. I think the cold weather helped this a lot! Not a lot of incentive to stay outside very long in this cold.

Tyler got his last home IV chemo today. Another small step towards maintenance. Only a few more weeks and hopefully life will be even more normal. I really can't complain about how it is now, I've been loving it! "Only" going to the cities once a week has been a nice change from living there for weeks at a time.

Tuesday afternoon, Dawson's teacher is coming over. Then Tuesday evening I'm going skating. It's so refreshing to get out of the house and the kids love having someone else to play with. On Friday we go to the clinic all day for chemo.

Here's Tyler following Dawson to the door at Great Grandma's house. We go there every week on our way back from getting chemo. Dawson had been crawling along side him, but I couldn't get the camera to take a pic fast enough. It was pretty cute though. He likes crawling next to Tyler.
We stopped for McDonalds on the way shopping. We rarely ever eat in places anymore, too many germs. So our treat these days is drive thru. Dawson was determined to eat his nuggets but he was tired. Looks like the "tired" won this battle! He usually always falls asleep in the car.
We got a new carseat on Sunday. I'd looked around and couldn't find one in stock. It was on sale so I wanted to get it soon. They said the Buffalo Walmart had 1 in stock, so I called and put it on hold. It had this note on it. I took the note off and stuck it here to see if Dan would notice and get the 2nd meaning. He did right away of course. I didn't leave it there, but I had to take a pic. :)
And yes I'm a dork, I kept many of Tyler's bracelets at discharge and put them on his carrier handle. I ran out of room though, we're missing several.


Mom K said...

you could get rid of the exersaucer since you have the jumperoo, ya really only need one.

LOL on the pic of Dawson and the nugget!

Stephanie said...

That's true, but I use the exersaucer way more! Even so, I was thinking of getting rid of it anyway. It's pretty easy to find a cheap one if I wanted one later. At least the Jumperoo comes apart and is smaller to store. Gonna get rid of a couple other things too that I really just didn't use.