Friday, February 26, 2010

A Long Clinic Day on Tyler's Birthday

On Tyler's actual birthday we went down for Chemo. It was a long day, we dropped Dawson off at my Grandma's house on the way to Children's. He got his 4 hours of fluids and then chemo. Just when that was finishing up, his labs came back to find he needed a blood transfusion! We had to wait around for that, then it took 90 minutes to get that into him. The nurses and everyone there seemed to know him and that it was his birthday. We got stopped by many people, most we didn't even know! The nurses gave him a Tickle Me Elmo and a Little People Dino Playset for his birthday. That was so nice of them to go find him some toys. :)

His weight was 21 pounds, 10 ounces and he was 28 inches long.

We picked up Dawson from my parent's house and got home around 9pm. Thankfully he doesn't have many of these long clinic days left. From there we swung by and picked up Dan to run a couple errands.

We got out for a walk the day before our clinic visit. It felt nice out for the first few minutes, but it was still a bit cold on the face after a while
First walk in their new stroller
Tyler wanted to go back outside
He's getting 4 teeth on the top, so he often looks like this
The boys climbing on my legs
We did a bit of shopping after his chemo. He got to ride in the cart for the first time. I have a cart cover, but I didn't bring it since I assumed he'd be wiped out and sleeping from the chemo. So I just sanitized the cart instead. Was worth it, he loved sitting there! We let him drop the mask for the pic. :)
He loved his Tickle Me Elmo
Doing his excited dance while watching Elmo
Hard to tell he's getting a harsh dose of chemo when he's so happy!
Love that tongue! We see it a lot these days. :)
Can't get enough of all his cute faces!
The next Gerber baby?
 Chewing on his teether. He was getting bored and more fussy by this point.
 Can we speed this thing up and get out of here?
Calling the nurse! I'm getting bored!

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