Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentines Day, Baby Stuff and Skating

Valentines Day was fun. We usually don't do much, but Dan said I definitely deserve it this year! :)  He actually spread it out a bit. He got me an ice cream cake on Saturday, which is so yummy. Sunday I got a card and then late Sunday we went shopping and got some Valentines candy after they marked it all 50% off. The boys got a singing, dancing monkey. They were laughing so hard at it. It jumps around so much that it moves and falls off the table. Which of course is the best part. :)

I went skating tonight with Jenny. Finally found a babysitter that showed up. She's very nice, the boys didn't even cry when I left! Had a good time at the rink, got pretty tired out. It's painfully obvious that I don't get to go skating very often! Was nice seeing everyone again though. I got home to find Tyler snuggling with Kortney watching a movie and Dawson was happily playing. Tyler looked at me and didn't seem very motivated to get up and come see me! She's coming back next Tuesday so I can go skating again.

Jenny stopped by before skating and dropped off 7 totes of baby stuff! When I got pregnant with Dawson, she gave me all her baby clothes, many toys and other things. When Dawson started to accumulate a lot of stuff that I had no room for and was done with, she offered to store it for me since I didn't want to get rid of it and get all new baby stuff again some day. She had an empty corner in her basement anyway. She also started putting her son's clothes in a bin for Dawson when he gets bigger. She even bought us diapers a few times to help us out. When I had Tyler she would just give me the bin of clothes I needed and the next size up. She had her son 6 months after Tyler was born, so once I was done with stuff, I sent it back to her again for her to use with Andy. Most of it was hers anyway, or garage sale stuff. She used the baby equipment too. It's so nice to have it out of here! I have no clue where I'd put it and it's nice to know it's being put to good use. So now her sister in law is moving into her basement and she brought those totes back. I sold the first stroller I had since Dan fixed it, so now I have more room in the closet for things. I'm also putting stacks of totes next to Dawson's bed. It's been so nice, I really don't know what I would've done without all her help! We keep an eye out for things for each other at garage sales. We usually have a bag to swap to each other, and usually it's a pretty even trade. When she's done with her baby stuff, she sometimes gives it to me to sell on Craigslist. Last time she took the money, this time she told me to keep it for all my time.

We always seem to come out even in the end, though we don't often keep track, when we do think back on things, we couldn't hardly come closer to even if we tried! She just gave me her Boppy, which is so nice. Mine was pathetically worn out and I was leaning way over to nurse. This one is almost brand new and I can sit up and still nurse Tyler. No more sore back. :)  Next time I see them I'm bringing the rest of my baby food since Tyler doesn't eat it, and her husband is going to program my new remote start key fob. The other one broke last year, been dropped too many times or something!

Tyler was having lots of fun playing in Dawson's bath water today. I can't wait until he can start taking baths too! He was playing in the bubbles and I had a rubber ducky in there too. Dawson likes the scoop best.
Tyler has been big on trying to stand holding on with 1 hand. He's pretty good at it!
Debating going for the camera
Yep, he did!
Dawson splashing like a crazy person! I was getting wet in the hallway!!

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