Saturday, February 27, 2010

Back to the 50s Skate

Dan and I went to the Back to the 50's Night at the Skatin Place. It was a lot of fun! We haven't gone out together in a while. There were many people we knew there, Brian and Jessie, Jenny and her whole family and some other regulars from Adult Night and people Dan knew from when he used to skate there. They're having a 70's skate night on the 27th, so we're hoping to make it to that one as well.

Jessie made me a skirt at the last minute. We were talking on Facebook only 2 nights before skating and I mentioned not having a skirt. Sewing is one of her hobbies, and she offered to get one together for me if I gave her my waist size. So they brought it with and I changed in the bathroom. It turned out great! Dan says I stood out too, because mine was the only teal skirt. Jessie came with 2 girls and they all had pink skirts. A couple other girls had pink too. Pink just doesn't look good with my mens skates though! Here's some pics that Jessie took and a couple that Dan just had to take of me still dressed up and getting Dawson's stuff ready in the kitchen.

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