Thursday, February 4, 2010

Playdate at Erin's House

Today was a lot of fun. We've been cooped up lately, not being able to go many places because of germs. We went to my cousin Erin's house for a playdate. Her 2 kids are the same ages as mine, so it was fun watching them interact. Micah chased Dawson for a while, Dawson loved that. He sure was tired when he got home! Tyler and Leah were so mellow and were happy playing. The extra kids didn't seem to faze Tyler much. Dawson wasn't sure what to think sometimes, but he did pretty good too. It was so cute that Leah seemed to like me, Erin says she's shy around strangers, but she came right over and plopped into my lap.

We stayed for supper, they had spaghetti which is one of Dawson's favorite meals. 4 small children can sure make a big mess! Tyler discovered a riding toy. He really liked it! I have a small riding toy at home, so I put him on it when we got home and he was really excited. He started hopping a bit and throwing his weight backwards and pushing a tiny bit with his feet. He slowly goes backwards across the whole living room! Of course I'm still nervous about him falling, so his toy preference today could've been a bit safer, lower to the ground..... but he did great, he has really good balance so I was happy about that. He never looked unstable and wasn't sliding around. He stopped and cried for me when he was done so I could take him off. He's such a cautious baby, he will crawl to the edge of the couch or the bed but will just stop and look down a bit.

He's getting so big! I can't believe he'll be a year old this month! 21 more days!

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