Thursday, March 18, 2010

Croup, Thrush and Pizza

It's been a crazy few days for us. Been in contact with Tyler's nurses and Drs, both at Children's and Heartland, our town clinic. I took him in today after he got another fever and his cough is still really bad. He wasn't looking like he felt very good.
He has a couple spots of Thrush starting in the back of his throat and the Dr says his cough sounds like Croup. So he said to do a humidifier and also the cool air from outside. Sharp contrasts help he said. So first I turned on the shower on hot and closed the bedrooms to let it steam up the place. Tyler liked watching the water. With his fever gone, he was in a better mood. It was mostly the cough bugging him.
Working hard on those teeth. The top 4 are very close!
The patio door was steamed up! Dawson liked drawing on it.
Afterward we went out to play. Tyler loved the swing! First time to the playground this spring.
Dawson got to get some practice on the big swing. He's really good at balancing!
They played on the swings for at least 30 minutes!
Tuesday night Dawson enjoyed the pizza I brought home from skating. :)
Tyler was looking for hand me downs! I do feed him, I promise!!
He wasn't giving up, he followed me when I was cleaning the dishes too! I did try to give him a piece, it didn't work so well. He was still interested though.
Playing with one of his rubber bracelets.
Thought this shirt was cute

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