Friday, March 5, 2010

A Fun Friday

It was a very full day for us! First Dawson's teacher came. The door buzzer rang and he grinned at me and ran to answer it. I let her in the building and helped Dawson answer the door. He wasn't much into the books, he was still feeling a bit tired and just wanted to play by himself. He played with a small train track set for a while, then played with a ball toy. Once her hour was up, she left and Dawson was very upset. Thankfully about 5 minutes later the door buzzer rang again, it was Dan's package from his parents that I mentioned on his birthday post. Dawson loves getting the mail with me. He's getting quite fast at running down the hallway.

After that we had Maren come over with her 2 kids. She has a 2 1/2 year old girl and a 6 month old boy. It was fun chatting and watching the kids play. They haven't had much interaction with other kids. Tyler never has, so it was interesting! I'm babysitting them this coming Wednesday and Thursday from 2-8:30pm. Should be fun, I hope! I'm hoping to slowly get back into playdates and stuff, but we need to be careful of who we see. For now I'm limiting it to people with kids who aren't in school yet.

It was a very nice day out, so we walked to Vals to get burgers and shakes for supper. It was yummy! Haven't been there since last summer. It was quite a walk! Tyler fell asleep but Dawson stayed awake. He had part of our fish sandwich we got and some fries. Our walk was 1.6 miles! My last (first) walk was only 1/2 mile, so that was quite a difference! I was winded, but not too sore. Skating seems to have conditioned the legs quite a bit. :)  This was my 2nd time out with the jogger stroller and I noticed that the front wheel shakes when I walk fast. Dan looked at it that night and discovered the fork was very loose. It moved an inch or 2! He tightened it up and it's much better now!

By the time we got home they were both sleeping and leaning on each other, it was so cute!

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kimmyjo221 said...

That is the sweetest photo of them sleeping on each other in the stroller!