Monday, March 15, 2010

Words and Sharing

Dawson has been trying to imitate more sounds and words lately. He still acts pretty shy about it. If I'm trying to make him say something, it usually doesn't work, which can be frustrating. Often after I give up, or just out of the blue, then he says it. I had soup and crackers for supper. He wanted some crackers and I was trying to get him to say or sign "more". He didn't do it the first few time. Then the last time he came up to me and said "more", while signing it at the same time!

We have this fun routine when I change Tyler's diaper. Dawson runs in behind us, stands on the bottom shelf of the changing table and peeks up at Tyler. He loves it. He giggles at Dawson and then Dawson runs out of the room. Then I say "where is Dawson?" so he can hear me, and he runs back in the room and peeks up at Tyler again and I say "there's Dawson!!". Tonight when he ran back up to Tyler, he clearly said "Dawson". I said it again and he repeated it, but not as clear or whole as he did the first time. The 3rd time he just said the last part, but he seemed pleased with himself.

Tyler has a bit of a cough now but seems a lot better. He still needs his Zofran too, even though it's been a few weeks since he's had any chemo. He's been cruising furniture more lately and if I hold onto 1 arm, he can walk along side of me for a short ways. He still doesn't stand alone or anything though, he's too busy moving all the time to stand still I think! Tyler is getting his 1 year pictures taken on Wednesday, I'm excited to see how he'll do. Dawson was a big ham and smiled for every picture. I hope Tyler makes it pretty easy for us too!

No walk today, it's important to take a break sometimes. I did run some errands and tomorrow I'm going skating, so I didn't want to overdo it. I had a small muscle ache in my leg earlier today so I decided to take it easy today. It's feeling much better now.

 Dawson wanted his picture taken.
 He was smiling until the flash went off! His cheeks look orange because we had spaghetti and it always leaves his cheeks orange for a little while! He looks like he's got a nice tan started or something!
Tyler, looking bigger everyday it seems!
Dawson was playing peacefully with his shape sorter. One of his favorite toys.
Then along came Tyler, who also loves the toy! He was even able to put some of them in the other day!! Dawson saw Tyler and put his hand on the cover, knowing Tyler will take it off.
Tyler got it off anyway, Dawson took it away from him
Tyler took that opportunity to reach in and grab some shapes.
Poor Dawson, his little brother idolizes him and just wants to be involved with whatever he's doing! Tyler likes "helping" him with his mega blocks, his cars, and pretty much anything else he's doing. He even tries to take his food. Dawson is so patient, he never hits, just gently takes the toys back away from Tyler. Sometimes I'll sit down and we'll work on sharing, but if Dawson has had a rough day, or we've already done enough sharing, I'll put him on the couch or somewhere that Tyler can't reach him with his toys. Or I'll try to distract Tyler, which is very difficult! He's so determined! Usually nursing or cuddling works pretty good though. :) 

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