Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dawson's Teacher Visit and Summer Plans

Dawson's teacher came today. He did great! He did simple board puzzles, stacking rings, looked at a couple books and put together some shape cookies. They look like oreos and there's a shape that fits inside the other half of the cookie. It's kinda tricky, but he lined them up and got all but 1.

Tyler liked the teacher's toys too. We've been working on Dawson's sharing, so Tyler gets to play with toys after Dawson is done. Tyler loves it and Dawson has been doing great. It used to really bother him, now he usually willingly gives the toy to Tyler when the teacher tells him to and is bringing out the next thing.

His teacher says we need to re-write his ISFP (goals) since he's achieved so many of them and especially since he'll be going to summer school. So she's coming out next week on Thursday with the speech teacher and maybe someone else too, I can't remember.

They only do home visits until they're 3, then they go to school. Since he'll turn 3 in the middle of summer (July) school, he's been approved to just start when the classes start in mid-June. It'll be once a week and they go 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. So it won't be much, but he'll get a chance to ride the bus and learn how the school stuff works. She said he'll only be gone about 3 hours, with bus time. It's only a couple hour class. Once the regular school year starts, he'll go 3 days per week. It will be weird and kinda scary sending him off on a bus (or van or whatever they send). He's been on a bus before and did great, so I'm really not worried about that part. He's always been with me though, so that part should be interesting, though he seems to take well to others from being at the hospital and getting taken places by volunteers.

The rest of our day was pretty good. We went for a walk, the boys got to play on the playground that's in the middle of our walk. Tyler discovered what sand was, he thought that was neat, though I didn't let him touch it. I still need to call about restrictions. I know there was something about dirt but it hasn't been mentioned since the beginning and I can't remember what it was. Dawson was great about leaving the playground. He was cold, that helped my case. I offered to let him walk, but he has no interest. It's very quiet streets with nice sidewalks, so I thought I'd see how he does walking by the stroller, but he fussed and wanted back in the stroller.

This evening we played on the floor, wrestled a bit. They love that. Dawson is so careful around Tyler, if he sees that Tyler is next to me or on me, he'll change his course to miss him or wait for him to get off. Such a change from before! He was even sharing my lap tonight, though Tyler kept messing with Dawson's hair and he wasn't liking that too much.

Tyler is still doing great. No bleeding from that bone marrow site. The scab still looks like it could easily come off and start bleeding, so I'm leaving the gauze on until there's a harder scab there. He's still on Tylenol for pain management, but I'm starting to back him off of it slowly. I've been going a bit longer between giving it to him and he seems fine. It's hard to tell when he's fussy, if it's because he's hungry or bored, or if he's in pain! I don't want him to be uncomfortable. Another tooth broke the skin today. He had one yesterday also and there's 2 more that are very close, all on the top. The goofy boy gnaws on my jeans to teethe sometimes and even bounces his gums on my leg. At least it seems to be working.

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