Sunday, March 14, 2010

Long Walk and Spring Cleaning

Didn't get as much done as I wanted today. I did take a big plastic bag and filled it with clothes that don't fit and most of them I wouldn't wear even if I do get into them again! It sure doesn't take long to go through and clean out stuff like that. Probably only took me 10-15 minutes. :)

I also went for a long walk. I returned our Redbox movie, found a park I used to take the kids to and took the longest route through that big neighborhood. I was feeling pretty good after I got home, wasn't even that winded or tired. I took a break in the middle and I walked at a slightly slower pace this time. Towards the end I tried to jog a bit, but the stroller was shimmying. Dan is going to show me how to lock the front wheel for jogging. My total distance was 4.35 miles. Wow! I was thinking it'd be more like 3.5. Feels good to get out though, it was a beautiful day. The kids slept almost the entire walk. Hopefully they'll be awake for the park next time! Since I returned the movie first, it was at least 30 minutes before we got to the park.

We've had some minor injuries today. Dawson was standing on the oven door, and when he saw me coming he leaped off of it, falling and hitting his head on the floor. He got a little bit of a bloody nose from that. Then later he was playing with it again and one of Tyler's fingers got slammed in the oven door. There was a pretty good line and it was purple at first, but it went back to looking normal pretty quick and now he only has a tiny mark. We took down the gate by the kitchen for Tyler's birthday and I really like it like that, but we're thinking of putting it back up again. I'm trying to hold off on it but I hate for there to be too many injuries in the process!!

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