Monday, March 8, 2010

New Phone and Adorable Little Boys

After our exhausting Saturday night, we slept in Sunday and had a quiet day. We all went for a shorter walk, 1.5 miles. Then we did some shopping. It's always nice to shop with Dan. Much less work and it's nice having someone to talk to (who returns conversation!). We got everything but diapers.

Today (Monday) I had library movies due, plus I had to go get diapers. We stayed in most of the day and left around 7:30. After the library I went to Target. I had that $10 from Dan's parents to spend on him. I really couldn't find much so I ended up with just a toothbrush set so far. It has both the finger brush and regular toothbrush.

While in Target I got a phone call from the Library. She said one of the DVDs I returned was an empty case! I usually check them all, but we hadn't even watched the 2 Mickey Mouse ones much, they just weren't very interested. She said she renewed it for me, so I have 7 days to find and return it. I got home and looked in all the usual places and didn't find anything! I usually keep very good track of my stuff, but Dawson has been pulling things over and standing on them to reach things. I looked in his usual places that he puts things. I finally found it in the locked cabinet in the TV stand. He likes to slide things into cracks. So I'm thankful that I found it. Of course I can't exactly just throw the CD into the outside return, I'll have to go all the way in. We should have some more movies coming in later in the week though. I'm looking forward to that. I found more Word World at the library and ordered that.

I forgot to mention (I have no idea how!!), I got a new phone!! I'd been reading about it online and looking for it for the last few weeks and finally got it activated on March 4th. It's Straight Talk, through Walmart only. It's a branch of Tracfone that uses Verizon service, so it's supposed to be very good service. There's no contract, I just have to buy a Straight Talk card every 30 days to keep the phone active. With my Tracfone, I got 240 minutes for $29.99. Only because I had double minutes on my phone, otherwise the cards were just 120 minutes. There's only 2 cards available for Straight Talk. A $30 or $45 card. I got the $30 card, it's 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts and 30MB of internet. The $45 card is unlimited calls, texts and internet, but honestly all I'll need is the smaller one I think! So I started small and we'll see how much I use. I can add another card if needed, but I doubt I'll need to. I can even have them automatically update my card if I want, but I don't think I will. We have automatic car insurance payments and it drives me nuts! I like to see it on paper and deal with it myself so I know what's going on.

We decided to splurge and get the nicer phone. I didn't want a flip phone, so this was the only non-flip option. It has a keypad that slides out and everything. I really never thought I'd ever get one like that! Sure would've been nice to have earlier, with ER visits, clinic trips and all that. To be able to update people on Facebook and check my email. It even has a voice command option, I can just say "call Dan" and it will! Crazy what they come up with these days. It has a calendar that lets me put in appointments or whatever I have going on and it'll alert me however many minutes or hours before the event. Has a camera phone, alarm and all that fun stuff. No games though, I guess games on your phone are a thing of the past? I personally found that useful when I'm really bored, but I guess with internet access, I won't be quite as bored. :)  Phone internet is about as slow as dial-up, but it's a lot better than nothing.

The phone was only available at certain Walmarts, so I had to stop in the Elk River Walmart twice to find it. It's the most popular, so it was out of stock the first time. I just did that on clinic days, I headed through the town going home anyway. Thankfully the cards are available anywhere, so I can get them here.

It's hard to get a decent pic of something with lights, but here it is. It looks way more shiny and impressive in person. :)
The keyboard comes in handy, easier to text and type in internet addresses
A pic of Tyler playing in the kitchen. He was being too cute to resist taking another pic. :)
He plays so well by himself, it's quite a treat. He doesn't get into too much yet. Today he found Dawson's uneaten cereal bar and squished it all over the carpet and onto his face, clothes and everything. Couldn't hardly be mad at him though, he came up to me with quite the dilemma. He was covered in sticky food and it just wasn't coming off. He crawled to my chair and showed me his hand. Then he stuck out his tongue, showing me the piece he had in there that he wanted out. It's cute how he sticks out his tongue for me to see sometimes. Though he doesn't always leave it out because it feels weird, he does try.

Tyler also ate something today! I believe 2 pieces of Crispix and a couple little yogurt melts made it past his tongue today. Usually he sticks it in and it comes back out. I'll be feeding him, thinking he's doing great and finally eating. Then I pick him out of his booster to find everything I've given him tucked away at the sides. He either throws it on the floor, or lately he's been putting it between the tray and his tummy. Just now he ate a tiny piece of crackers and cheese that I was eating.

Dawson has been changing some. He climbs into the car by himself. If I let him out of the stroller in the parking lot, he'll climb in the car and not try to run away. The same with going from the apartment to the car and back in again. He used to run towards the playground. Of course that's not an option right now, so we'll see how good he does once we start using the playground again. He also "helps" me pick up Tyler. When Tyler comes up to me at the computer wanting to eat, I'll reach down to pick him up and Dawson will be right there, putting his hands under Tyler's armpits and "helping" me lift him up. It's so cute! He doesn't shove him nearly as much as he used to, he seems more brotherly towards him now (in a good way!). He returns food to Tyler's tray and the little bottle of water I give him too. Now it's their little game, Tyler throws the bottle, Dawson gets it. Also in the mornings I nurse Tyler in bed. Dawson comes in to cuddle behind me until I'm done feeding Tyler. Then I put Tyler down on the floor, Dawson looks at him, gets down on his hands and knees and babbles something to him. Tyler grins and crawls off after Dawson and they play for a while. It's the cutest thing ever! It's nice that they're getting along better now. They still play on their own for the most part, but those few things they do together each day are just too cute. :)

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