Friday, June 25, 2010

Blue Angels Airshow

Dawson went to school Wednesday and Tyler got counts checked. I took the boys swimming for the first time this summer on Thursday. They did great. Dawson still prefers being in a baby/toddler floaty, so I pulled them both around in their floaties for quite a while. They loved it. Tyler had his ENT appointment, that went great. They say he has no hearing loss.

We went to the Blue Angels Airshow through HopeKids, an organization who gets cancer families into events and activities for free. Since our kids have such low immunity, they often offer private showings at theaters and other events. We got into the Airshow the day before the public was invited, while they were doing their full dress rehearsal.

This plane carries troops and cargo
F22 Fighter Jet. It was so loud! Very awesome!
Tyler's hearing protection. He left them alone until the end, surprisingly. They go over instead of inside the ear canal since babies have sensitive ear canals and shouldn't have plugs shoved in them.
Dawson with Dan's ear muffs he wears for work. This was as enthused as he got, he wasn't too amused by the end of the show, he just wanted out of the stroller.
Blue Angels Jets. There were 6 of them.
Some tricks they were doing
Another plane, can't remember the name of this one
The Blue Angels flew in very close formation
I like this pic of them all heading toward us
Tyler was bored at the end so I let him walk around. There was another little boy his age wandering around too. The hardest part of these events is seeing all the sick kids.

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