Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pony Rides and Airplanes

The day after the Airshow we went to the Sauk Rapids Food Festival. They had pony rides so I asked Dawson if he wanted one. He was all for it. I wasn't sure how he'd do but I assumed he'd really like it since he tends to like fair rides. He sure did! He bobbed his head with each step and hung on all by himself. I walked next to him but never had to correct his seat.

He was so impatient for them to start, he was leaning forward and moving up and down a bit to get his horse going. It was cute!
Bobbing up and down with the pony's steps
Finally gave me a bit of a smile, but he was still happily concentrating on the pony
He looks so cute sitting there
His 2nd ride, he got to ride the bigger one this time. It was a smoother ride since he had longer legs. Dawson was excited to get going.
He was scrunched up because he was moving up and down with the steps
He was very upset when it was time to get off. He clung to the saddle and I had to pry his fingers off. Even then he somehow clung to the saddle with his legs. He put up such a fight. Afterward I was hoping he'd like just watching them, but he was mad, trying to catch up to his horse and find a way in.
That day before we left we could see the Airshow from our apartment! We watched for a bit, the boys really enjoyed it.
Tyler is so cute, I love how he sits sometimes. He often crosses his legs like this.
The boys watching some cartoons before heading to the food festival. Excuse Dawson's cookie face. :)

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