Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

We had a good day today. The boys and I went to my parent's house and Dan stayed home and got a lot of things done. He's very close to being able to sell his car. Dawson was very excited to be going to Grandma's. He excitedly kept saying "auntie" and even said "grandpa" when I was talking about it. He showed off his shape knowledge skills and overall cuteness. I thought I heard Tyler say "done" after supper when I asked if he was done. I wasn't quite sure, but my brother thought he heard the same thing, so maybe he did! Exciting, he hasn't picked up a new word in almost a year. I really wish our apartment had more windows. The living room has none, just the patio door between the kitchen and living room. It still seems like a big dark corner in the living room, so it's hard getting decent pics in there. So of course I had to take advantage of the good lighting and get some pics of the boys. :)

Dan watched the kids while I showered this morning, so I had to get a couple pics. I was trying to get Dawson's attention and he ended up copying me.
I was spinning him in my mom's computer chair. He loved it and it got him to hold still and smile for some pics. 

Then Tyler decided to join us. Awesome! Dawson was more than happy to have him join in, he scooted over and even put his arm around Tyler. So cute! I love how brotherly he can be these days.
Tyler looks up to something here, I see this look a lot! ;)
Dawson has such a cute smile!
I love this last one!

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