Friday, June 18, 2010

Dawson Started Preschool!

Dawson started summer preschool this Tuesday (16th) and seemed to like it. He hesitated a bit getting on the bus and was quiet while we buckled him in. His teacher said he was a bit sad at first but he quickly got to having fun and had a pretty good first day. He even played with a couple kids, which he usually doesn't do. He'll take the toys and go find a quiet place to play.
 Heading out to the road to wait for the bus. He was excited to be going somewhere, he's always interested in seeing what the day will bring and is always excited when I tell him to put on his shoes.
 Bus! Dawson was interested, Mommy wanted to run back inside with her little baby!
 The bus lady was very nice and Dawson seemed to know she was there to help him.
 He was very quiet, looking around. Wasn't quite sure what to think.
 All buckled up, still not sure what to think, but didn't protest as I left. At least not that I heard!
Wheels! We were at the mall in the nursing room and the stroller got tipped over.
 I was taking some pics outside today. Dawson kept dragging a lawn chair out into the parking lot. Thankfully it was the middle of the afternoon and nobody was coming or going!
Goofy kid!
Yes, Tyler is in his pajama shirt! He's been sleeping in lately and then we got company (outside) so I hadn't bothered to change his shirt yet. He loves being outside. :)
I thought the brick would make a good background, but he didn't think holding still was a good idea. I still like this one though. It's different seeing him with such short hair, it'll take some getting used to!
Is he cute, or what?!
 That cute over the shoulder look is a bit much!
Dawson and Tyler in one spot! Doesn't happen too often. I was bummed that I missed Dawson's original reaction on camera. I was waiting for protest, but instead he said "aww" and gave Tyler a big hug! For once it was Tyler who wanted out of the chair and away from his brother.

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kimmyjo221 said...

I love those bus shots of Dawson! They seem so incredibly little and vulnerable to be strapping in a seat on a bus with their little backpacks....growing up too quickly! He looks absolutely adorable and I'm so glad he's adjusting well :)