Saturday, March 24, 2012

Busy Weekend

Thursday we had a great day! We had MOPS in the morning, so once Dawson's therapist got here, we left. I picked up a friend and her son on the way, they hadn't gone to MOPS anymore but I'm trying to introduce them to more fun things in the area. Gabriel was fussy, so he stayed with me the whole time. We had a great refreshing time. MOPS always leaves me refreshed. I got to talk to some moms and relax some.

After MOPS I dropped off my friend and brought her little guy home with us. Bali loves coming over and his mommy needed a break. We have ECFE together in the evening anyway, so Thursdays are perfect for bringing him home and just meeting back up with her in the evening. I also swung by and picked up 2 of the girls we babysit. Their mom is due with #5 in a couple weeks and she needed a break too. Dawson was super excited to have friends over. His social skills have been really improving. I'm seeing less behaviors and more sharing. So not only is it helping people, it is working on his much needed social skills! A win for everyone. :) 

Our day went so smooth. Most tell me I'm crazy for wanting 5 kids at my place, but it's fun! They play together and have a good time. I really didn't have any issues with them. Dawson went to school, Gabriel and Bali went down for a nap and the girls played nicely. I even got some cleaning done.

Dawson got off the bus and the kids were so excited. The 3 toddlers lined up at the door in awe as the school bus stopped and Dawson got off. The girls were excitedly talking about wanting to go to school. Then I thought maybe it would be fun to bring them to ECFE class with us! They'd all been so good all day. So I asked their mom and she said yes. Well, her words were actually "you're either crazy or a saint", which made me laugh.

As a kid I always wanted a house full of kids. As an adult I'm realizing that's just too expensive and crazy. I do like having a lot of kids around though, maybe I'm truly crazy. I'm pretty sure my sanity ditched me a long time ago! Other than having lots of fun, the biggest payoff is at the end of the day. Seeing both moms looking refreshed and more relaxed, saying what a nice calm day they had. It feels great to be helping other people, and that in turn is theraputic for me as well. We had so many people help us out, whether it be physical help, financial, all the wonderful people who left inspiring and supportive messages. I want to pay it forward and be the person that makes someone's day a bit better.

Friday was a down day. I didn't have much motivation. Dawson's teacher came for a meeting and told me Dawson has been struggling. He's been missing Tyler more lately. He says that Tyler is on the sun. Then when the sun is down he says Tyler is on the moon. This is a fairly new idea and it seems to be working. Autistic kids are very literal, they need to see something solid to understand. The sun and moon are solid, you can see them, but they are too far to go there. Perfect. So he is there and having lots of fun. It's something Dawson can look at each day. It seems to help him understand and gives him a place to know where Tyler is. He was watching tv on friday and out of the blue he said "Tyler is on the wind". He's never talked about wind, I wasn't even sure if he got the concept, but it was totally random and one of those things that seemed to me a message. I said "he's on the wind? In the air?" and he said without turning his head from the tv "uh huh", just matter-of-fact.

Friday evening I got some mom time. I hosted a Scentsy party for my friend and it was nice just talking and relaxing with them.

Today so far has been a little busy, but good. I sent a text to my friend to check up on her and she was having a tough morning and not feeling well. She may need surgery for an infection in her ear bone. So I offered to drive her to her chiropractor appointment this morning and watched Bali while she went in. We went to Target and got her some chocolate, took her back home and brought Bali back home with us so she can rest. He's happily playing. My boys are so used to having him here that all is calm. He just settles right in and plays. Gabriel loves having him around, they are getting to be good buddies. Sometimes I wish I could do more for people. If it was a child, they wouldn't make them go that long with a bad infection!

Gabriel's birthday party is tomorrow! I'm off to clean, make a cake and get things ready. Can't believe my baby is going to be a year already!

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