Sunday, March 18, 2012

Haircuts and the Park

Gabriel got his first haircut today! He just needed a little trim. His hair was driving him nuts, it was curling up over his ears and he was always itching them. The back was tickling his neck too. We got to save his hair. I even got pics! He did great sitting still for about half the haircut, then he got wiggly. He did really good for his first time though! He seemed excited to sit in the chair. He's seen Dawson get haircuts before.
 Dawson got one too, his was getting pretty long too. He lost about half his hair today I think! It's nice and light now, just in time for the weather to warm up. He sat very well too. I can't remember how many haircuts he's had. He got his first haircut at about 2 1/2, but since then we've had it cut many times!
Afterward we went to the park. First time there this year. They were pretty excited. This is Gabriel's first real summer, since last summer was spent in the hospital. Then I realized this is only Dawson's 3rd real summer, and his 2nd that he's been old enough to enjoy playgrounds. We've spent 2 summers in the hospital. We continue to make the most of life. They played at the playground for 4 hours today. It was so gorgeous outside! The boys had a blast and were very tired and happy at the end of the day. I ended up taking 122 pics today. I may be a little obsessive! :) 

Gabriel was experimenting with the sun and the shade
 I love this sweet face! It was windy, so his hair was blowing to the side.
 He loved this swing! I thought this pic was too funny. He looks like a trapped baby, but I promise he was having fun! :)
 Leaves! We found some next to the playground.
 Dawson has conquered a new skill on the playground!
 The fireman's pole! Thankfully it's a fairly short one, but it's still scary for mommy to watch! I didn't know he could do that. He must've been practicing at school.
 Gabriel climbing up the steps.
 This park is by the Mississippi River, and right across from the hospital where the boys were born. That was actually the hardest part of my day. I was worried that going to the park where Tyler last played would be hard, but it wasn't too bad. The hardest part was seeing a life flight helicopter take off from the hospital, headed toward the cities. I felt bad for whoever might've gotten horrible news and had to be flown to Children's and I just couldn't stop the tears. We never had that experience, they actually let us drive him down, but most of the people I know had to have their child either driven by ambulance or flown to Children's. It's hard thinking of all the new people who have to be introduced to that life everyday.

Dawson enjoyed the water. He was very well behaved. I think the water is calming. We were down there for a while. Dawson was throwing rocks into the river. Gabriel was touching the water and exploring and I was taking pics and relaxing, watching my happy little boys enjoy the simple things.
 Very happy boy!

 Gabriel is getting better walking with just 1 hand for support. For short distances.
 Touching the water. So many new things to discover!
 Gabriel loved swinging. I sat on the ground to relax and he thought it was funny when he got close to me.

 Giggles are so contagious
 My sweet boys. They are very tuckered out and quickly fell asleep tonight! 4 hours on the playground makes for some very tired, happy boys.

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