Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Dan!

Today was Dan's birthday. I never think of his age other than on his birthday. Most people are pretty surprised when they find out he's 11 years older than me. He turned 38 today! Looks pretty good still too, though I may be biased. It really is no fair that while he's that much older, I'm the one with gray hair and he has yet to get one. How does that work?!

We celebrated by inviting some friends and family over. My grandma, parents, brother, and his sister all came. We also had my friend's little boy here. She was invited and was even running a quick errand for me, but was having a tough day and wasn't feeling up to it. So when she stopped by to drop off the ice cream, I told her to leave her little guy here and sent her home to have a day to herself. She didn't complain! :) 

The 3 kids had fun playing. It really was a fairly easy day. He's been here several times now so just made himself right at home playing. Gabriel didn't have much of a nap today, so he was quite happy to get to bed tonight. He really loves his sleep!

Gabriel loved the cake, he hasn't had cake before, but sure had a good time with it. Good practice for his birthday at the end of the month!
 Noticing all the frosting on his hand
 Chocolate face!
 Dawson and my mom
Sleepy babies are so cute!
 Dawson showing off his garlic bread. He likes spaghetti suppers.
 Gabriel is loving spaghetti too!
This week will be an interesting one. No school all week, and being off schedule is always a challenge. Hopefully we can find some things to do around town and keep busy. I have some ideas, I'm just nervous about how busy the places will be with everyone out of school!

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